Apes will roll on zandalar tribe

I gave them too much credit. Should have put in that way: it’s a bunch of unemployed dudes from private servers that believe that getting rank 14 is the ultimate crown of a man’s achievements in life:)


I figured it was a troll thread thence didnt reply xD

Not sure if bg queue is going to matter much on server pop as i heared there will be cross realm bgs but well who knows

I think being alliance in general will have shorter queues anyway tho

Was there a blue post about cross realm BGs?

What’s with all this publicity you are giving them?

I only heard about APEs recently in the last dueling tournament in beta. They spent hours preparing a raid to go under Orgrimmar and disrupt the dueling. Horde wiped them literally in minutes, APEs had to get res-sickness and call it a day.

A complete non-entity. Try not to sh*t the bed.

if you just heard about them recently maybe you should listen to people who played alongside them for years.

Every realm will have healthy pop for a long while and if Gehennas does die (which I doubt) they will tranfser to Shazzrah then. You get me? Gehennas will provide them with even easier ganks to noobs if it’s true that all new players will pick that. They are apes. They don’t do math.

I’d roll my undead nuts over their corpses, thats all they’d get on zt.

Well apparently we have these Bunch of Gankers or whatever on Horde side, and “APEs” on Alliance.

Let them jack each other off while in their greens and blues while most sensible players will be in raids or BGs earning gear.

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Who cares. They’ll get reported in seconds for trying to pull what they did in private realms.

It’s unlikely that Gehennas will have the same population as Shazzrah. It will have a healthy population and it certainly won’t die, being one of just 3 EU English pvp servers. BUT there is a big difference between a 8-10k realm which is something that I would expect of Shazzrah, and a 4-6k population Gehennas in their respective stable stages. That’s just my prediction based on experience with private servers population dynamics. People who want more world PvP opportunities and assuarances that their realm’s population wont dwindle tend to be in the majority and they always go for the highest population server. People who go for lower population are more familiar with intricate details like high end PvP for world bosses and resource control, healthy server economy, and they are less in numbers. Now the thing with APES, they don’t shy away from high end PvP competition like many guilds who want to avoid them for that reason, because they know that no one will have a stable tried and tested 60 man roster made of people who play 16h a day. So the top priority for them is highest server population and favorable horde/alliance ratio, as in more horde to farm honor. I don’t present this as the ultimate truth, this is just my analysis.

I heard that apes prefer to roll on piles of leaves

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