Arathi basin rep golden week!

I didn’t know how to write a better title to catch the attention of everyone who wants to farm rep to exalted with arathi basin factions.
Yes as i said. For those who don’t know, comp stomp brawl bg is now on and it’s your best opportunity to farm arathi basin rep!
I just made my way from 0/12k to 7.5k/21k in one playing session. the queue time is pretty short too so that help :slight_smile:
you can get around 750+ rep per match so what are you waiting for? GET YOUR REP TO EXALTED BEFORE THE BRAWL’S END!


Forgive my ignorance, but why would you want to be exalted with this faction?

Justicar/Conqueror title or simply the tabard if you havn’t got it yet.

Ah, thanks!

is it vs bots?

Can we get achievements in this brawl?

Yes. You can.

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Or simply working on your number of exalted reps :slight_smile:



1): The 100 rep achievement.
2): Less things to do
3): I just want to :slight_smile:


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