Arathi Highlands timetable

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Does anyone have an accurate way of determining how often Arathi changes hand between Horde and Alliance? For example, if i wanted to know approximately when the Alliance will hold Arathi in March…can someone help out?

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You can roughly estimate. Contribution stage generally takes roughly 3 days followed by a 7 day scenario time. Then they own it while Horde do the same thing.

Currently Horde are ~44% through contributions so we’d expect them to get scenario probably mid-way through the 16th and take ownership around the 23rd.

Alliance would then take back ownership around the 5th of March, and then take ownership again around the 25th/26th.

When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is three weeks between resets for rares/world boss.

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Thank you a lot. This makes my plans for a campaign a LOT more accurate now.

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Just as a note for RPing in Arathi, there is a section of the Stromgarde keep (southwest) that stays intact and untouched (and empty) even when the Horde have ownership and everything else is in ruins.

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Not really related to the warfronts, just invasions, but this is really good if you’re tryna farm medals & time stuff:

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Nah, not planning on any RP in Arathi, just as a starting point of the campaign. But thanks.

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