Arcane mage pvp



Is there anything being looked upon this spec in term of how its being played now.

The spec is nothing but arcane missile spam and nobody even uses arcane blast in pvp simply because its does 12-15k against a 200k hp players and only used with POM up.

in 2s, at this moment arcane mage is nothing but spamming spellsteal and dampening the game in order to land a kill since the damage output is very weak.

In 3s the spec is just spamming spellsteal and relying on your partner to do the damage to land a kill.

Soon enough the spec will also be dead alongside affliction locks and sub rogue in pvp.

(Coolgroove) #2

I like how Arcane plays in PvP in general.

I don’t spam missiles much. I spam Explosion / Barrage / Nether Tempest / Orb, but it’s a controlled spam to the point where I have 2-3 Clearcasting procs so I could do a burst of - AP + Malledict + 2x PoMed ABs + Missiles. And it’s a good damage, enough to land a kill if timed right, especially with Shimmer + Displacement on Missiles to avoid interrupts/connects.

I like that I can cast missiles whenever I want - an option to fake cast and still go some damage. Feels and plays better, imo, that doing the same with poly/ab.

I like that I have a Spellsteal as a spamable utility. It almost compensates for the lack of damage and burst options that Fire has and control that frost has.

I don’t know if the same is good for Arenas, but it works good in BGs and WPvP.

But even with that - I agree, Arcane lacks in damage compared not only to other mage specs, but to other caster too. And it lack in baseline abilities period.

Some ideas for overall improvement of the spec


Arcane missles apply constant pressure in a way most specs can’t and at 4 charges arcane blast does a lot of dmg for a spell with no cd. Its azerite traits directly increase the dmg of the spells you use in pvp. Add in arcane power on a 1.5min cd and you can burn people down very fast.

It’s a simple playstyle but very effective.


Arcane blast is kinda weak in pvp > I pop AP and spam arcane blast and its hits for 17k -18k and 23-25k crit.

Arcane blast is not worth hard casting in pvp. Arcane blast is strong in pve but very weak in pvp.

Its same with the shaman lava burst where they hit for a decent numbers in pve but in pvp they hit around 13k.

The problem is when it comes to damage to health ratio. I really need to cast around 13-15 full charged arcane blast non-crit to kill someone and if facing locks it even takes more than that.


That may be partly due to azerite traits only having 50% effectiveness in pvp. It might be cos you i365 equiped according to your profile.


Maybe you try pvp first and then will talk ?