Archery (non-only-for-hunter)

Hi my dear warrior and rogue!
You already forgot how to shoot a bow, crossbow or gun. Isn’t it time to remember?

A long time ago a shot was very useful: last hit to enemy, shoot at squirrels, pull a mob.
Also carried an aesthetic component and variety for RP.

Now this is not in the game :с

BUT! We can put on bows (yes, for transmogrification) and change weapons in the battle (is anyone using this now?)

This is an RPG game that not a mmo-shooter, if I can put on a bow - I want to shoot!

Please, if you support my opinion, unsubscribe asnwer under this topic:)

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Ok, unsubbing now :exploding_head::+1:t5:
Bye all


It’s easy just change the class of your character to a hunter and you can shoot as much stuff as you like.

Wait what, you can’t change a characters class? Are you sure? Damn!!!


lol :joy:
I do not know English very well and used the help google translate)

But don’t need a hunter mechanic
Just a bow shot as it was before

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Pulling a bow requires a truckload of strength, so it’s weird not being able to use one in combat as a warrior, a strength-based class.

Demon HUNTER should have archery :thinking:

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I want fel Lance talent be baseline :sob:
Don’t even need a bow, just lemme bombard m+ mobs from above

Actually Rogues still use guns atleast. But only Outlaw spec. But yeah I agree we need more classes that can use ranged weapons, instead of limiting them to Hunter only.

I don’t really want to go back to times when other classes ninja upgrades out from those who really need them.

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I am always in favor of RPG items being added back into the game, this is a MMORPG and it feels nice to have such elements back

I’ve got a pistol.
Ha take that hunters with your way to big and clunky blunderbusses!

But personal looting :thinking:
And the stats aren’t so needed, only pew-pew

That’s very true. I just had flashbacks of Classic losing out on my bis bow to Warriors.

However if they were added to your loot table and you really need an upgrade and you are presented with a bow instead of a dagger that doesn’t improve your spec, how cheated would you feel.

Zapp Brannigan Hunter rules.

“It’s all hunter loot, especially the shamans…”

Hmm, can create a “shot” as an ability that would not be dependent on a bow. And the bow itself is purely visual.
Bows are not included with loot, if u want loot bow in new expansion - play hunter :grinning:
Can think of a better option

I really don’t know how you can say something like this after my entire point is that only hunters should get bow loot.

Let them first remember how to use two 1h weapons and then we can talk about bows

Perhaps a Glyph or something for Heroic Throw, Shruiken Toss ect, Uses bows/guns/Crossbows for their animation?

I do miss having ‘Shoot’ On my warrior, I didn’t use it often, but my Warrior is armed to the teeth.

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