Are rogues resource starved?


I have been leveling a rogue and 1 thing I noticed is that it has huge issues with energy, especially as I leveled to 120 and haste went down, for Blizzard-reasons.
Currently playing as subtlety, but I remember assassination also had issues with energy at 110, didn’t tried it yet at 120 again since I don’t have azerite armor to spare at the moment.
Coming from classes with little downtime, such as: shaman, DH and monk, rogue feels slow honestly.
Basically, my question would be: will gameplay be more fluent as I get new gear or I will look at that energy bar most of the time for subtlety and assassination?

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rogues are largely resource limited rather than global limited. if you want to be global capped rogue is not the right class.

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Rogues, druids, hunters and warriors are always starved of resource with every expansion (idk about monk never tried it but can vouch for the rest.) Haste is really important but its not your main prio (its crit or mast then haste depending on if its PVP or PVE for rogue atleast.), it usually fixes itself with gear

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