Are you re-rolling in 8.2? if so what are you playing?

(Deazur) #24

I’ve gone through expansion to another with this hunter, and I plan on continueing however hard it may get.


Yes. I rolled a cancelled sub and i intend to play classic.

(Tahra) #26

BM Hunter. Now and forever. Probably. :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Ananda) #27

Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t understand rerolling.
Ananda’s been my main since TBC sometimes good, sometimes bad. It evens out.
My only alt nowadays (except for my horde shadow priest) is one of my 2 vanilla mains, a druid. But she doesn’t get played much.


Its not really rerolling for who doesnt has a main :wink:


I’ll keep playing Shadowpriest I guess.


I’ll stick to my mage, since apparently I finally managed to find my main X’D I hope arcane gets a little better though…


This is my re-roll in preparation for 8.2


Unless they pull a rabbit out of the hat and implement Fel Orc demon hunter, I am sticking to my extremely versatile assassin.

(Môe) #33

This is exactly what i said about my Spriest during Uldir when ex-guildies referred to it as “dogsh*t”.i don’t care if its in its worst state to date.

Me and my Spriest, we roll together !!! :door::running_man:t4::octopus:


final build release for 8.2 happened.

2 weeks maybe :o .


Most of the classes feels same, its all gather resource and spend it on 1 skill.

(Dottie) #36

I don’t understand, it’s not like it’s a new game. it’s just a few more bits and pieces added, no major class changes so why would people change?


I will be maining this holy priest, i love doing m+ and being the underdog healer and trying to get people to go ‘wait you are holy i thought they were really bad’

(Punyelf) #38

Some people only like to play classes (and specs) that are considered strong and chop and change all the time. Flavour of the Month.


this low key rhymes


Everyone should reroll to DH seeing how BS they are.

But i’ll be sticking to this rogue, only recently discovered and settled on it.

(Chocoh) #41

What can DH do better then rogue lol? My 405 outlaw destroys my 418 DH on AoE dps, at least 5k above. Thanks to keep your wits being broken, and a much larger AoE to smash reaping/big pulls. Outlaws currently number 1 on confined AoE by a fair chunk. The ST is about the same as DH too on outlaw. And rogue has way more utility and self heals.

In raid situation Assassin beats DH on ST too. And in PvP rogues are better then DH? I’d say DH are only better for tanking, but VDH is in an aweful place, my rogue could probs tank better lol.

To back it up with figures:

  • 1800+ PvP there’s just under 100% more rogues over DH
  • in the top 100 keys 158 rogues to 46 DH


The question should be the other way around to me.

They have a better stun.
Better sustain.
Better raid defensive.
Better movement.
Powerful burst.

Rogues have also been around for like 12 more years so people often play what they know. As for mythic+ DHs are 6% and outlaw is 3.7% of the average runs.

I’ve played every character at 120 pretty much and DHs seem the easiest and most BS to 1v1 in world PVP, which is my main goal. Im not saying rogues are bad they’re great, but on a BE scale I think DHs are more annoying.

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