Arena adjust addons

How am I suppose to adjust or “fine tune” settings, without real-time feedback, something that is only possible INSIDE arena. Am I suppose to play a million games of arena to get feedback-adjust loop going. This is obviously self evidently infuriating beyond measure. I tried goggle this but its impossible to find anything that can help or whatever.

Wargame with friends.

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And if you dont have friends that play wow? What are you? A socialite?!

I used shuffle and skirmishes for this, just go in and tune what you need to do etc. Its the only way blizz gives you

Find some poorboy in stormwind pay him 10k gold to help you, in wargame it takes like max 10 min to tune addons.

All my gold is used for legendaries in shadowlands :+1:

I tuned what I needed in shuffle/skirmish it took few mins

I got a fortune in classic waiting to be turned into retail gold tho which will never propably happen as Im too lazy to search for somebody for this

10k gold is like 2 callings and 5 world quests

Ye go swing your gold sack somewhere else Kroisos :face_with_monocle:

But seriously speaking like anybody cares spend time in shadowlands beyond the bare minimum that is absolutely must, wq, callings and reputation farms aint one of those :joy:

I am not a masochist for boredom

I’m just giving solutions to problems.

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You mean you can’t cash?

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It was not the gold that was in question :slight_smile:

Those are fighting words m8


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You can google it. Anyway, it depends on which addon, but there are addons that enables “testing” it, where it loads everything it can on your screen so that you can see what it looks like with your current settings.
How you can test it, depends on the addon. Some got a slash command for it, others requires pressing an icon that says “Test” in the interface options for the addon. And then there are occasional addons that doesn’t have such a function and can only be tested by triggering it normally, like doing wargames/skirmish/whatever.

Aside of being the best h/h I found solo shuffle effective for tweaking addons as it runs for 6 rounds

The test mode for every single mandatory addon in arena is enough to set it up from Oribos.

This thread is confusing.