Arena dad game?

This is how lfg looks right now :smiley:
4 adverts, 3 of them boosts, literally nobody is playing this game anymore :smiley:
SL fresh, when?

idk maybe enable all langueges?

i just opened lfg on my horde EU char and i have 101 arena groups available( 2vs2 and 3vs3 combined). I just counted them.

Seems pretty active to me even though i know alliance is dead.#

E: i just saw you have some weird filtering going on maybe check that before and dont try to scam people in the forums


eh, not that i’ve had much of a look at it but this is how it looks for me right now on alliance.

Wtf are those filters haha.

There’s always like 80+ groups queued in the tool on Horde side, but obviously you are not gonna find a lot if you are searching like that.

He has filters so that he only finds comps with paladins and warriors and then he wonders why he doesnt find any people?

Something looks really off about that filter and it makes me think you might be getting incorrect results because of that.

heals >= 1 && heals <= 1

Oh man, my teacher in logics/discrete maths would have gotten a heart attack from this.

heals >= 1 and heals <=1 and warriors ==0 and paladins >0 or shamans >0 or druids >0

So you look for:

  1. a healer without a warrior and at least one paladin
  2. at least 1 shaman
  3. at least 1 druid

Yea well, not sure if that’s the best filter to use.

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Ooooh, so that is what it does. I had a hard time reading that filter and figuring out what it does. Thank you for deciphering it for us.

filter is set to look for a healer
paladin, or shaman or druid, without any warriors
for 3s

why should i be looking for another war in team or teams without healers as warrior?
that’s what filters are for

kk didnt know that i just heard all these alliance people complaining.

doesnt matter what you are looking for there were more than 100(!) groups open at that time. If you complain dont try to trick people so they believe you. Makes you look very bad.

if i would want to trick anyone i’d edit out the filter addon :clown_face:

I dunno what expression language that is, but isn’t it basically looking for 1 healer with no warriors where there is at least one paladin or… just at least a shaman or just at least a druid

shouldn’t it be
heals == 1 and warriors == 0 and (paladins > 0 or shamans > 0 or druids > 0)

Although well, I don’t know the addon but presumably that doesn’t guarantee the healer is a paladin/shaman/druid, just that there is one on the team. I guess it also depends on precedence.

it does, dependencies check roles chosen, it’s a great utlity tool

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