Argent Dawn Veterans Thread


Yo. Been around for a while. Largely gnome and forsaken scene.


Hey everyone. Mogi here, pandaren shaman from Argent Dawn. Started roleplaying in 2010ish, most active during late Cata-MoP, haven’t properly roleplayed with commitment since. Hoping to change that with Classic! Only made it to level 12 so far, but I’m enjoying exploring pre-Cataclysm Azeroth more than race starting zones. Hopefully my enthusiasm for leveling will pickup as I get into somewhere more interesting than Westfall/Darkshore!

Don’t really have any proper character concepts yet; just made some race/class combos I found cool and gave them some cool names (Memphis, Drachen, Marcelo, Whakapapa) and hopefully I’ll settle on a class I enjoy and character I want to develop. Really hoping I was right in choosing Hydra, and that Zandalar Tribe doesn’t ultimately end up as the RP realm for EU.


Hi all - been on AD since 2011. Usually go by the names of either Talvi or Synysta, although Talvi was recently taken when I left the server for a couple of months and then decided to come home to AD. I was a bit shocked!
Rolling Horde side for Classic on HW and currently looking for a guild :slight_smile:


AD’er since Warlords, after a long stint on and off DB since TBC. Thought I was done wi this game, but Classic’s got its hooks in and I might pop an alt on this server to see how the RP scene moves.


Kerian present!
From day 1 here, played till midway TBC when i stopped for a while.
Came back at the end of WOTLK And changed my main to Priestess Kardana and went full pvp on horde side.
Played on and off for a while not the last years really.

Now back in Classic! Hit me up if you know me!

(Acrona) #66

I remember your name Kerian!

Also remembering many other names who have posted on this thread! Nice to see you around :wave:



Good to see your name here too Acrona!


Sahota Chillmire sends his regards but not because he’s somewhere else being alive and not a wolf.


I’m Bernado from back in Vanilla, or Geraldon/Argani more recently. I enjoy long walks on the beach and remembering how painful solo warrior levelling was back in the day.


hi i’m Jeyce and I can’t wait until all the bad criminal roleplay starts so I can complain about it

(Threndual) #72

Well I basically grew up on the AD server under this name and a few others. Since the very first day I started playing on AD I have gone to university, graduated and moved to the other side of the world (UK to Japan) Only to come full circle and am about to restart my WoW journey with Classic.

Now if only I could decide between Paladin or Warlock.


Ahoy everyone!

Have been on AD since Vanilla, RP’d with Shaevar and the gang back in the good 'ol days. It is so nice to see old faces once more.

Currently leveling Classic Tarnaris once more!


Hey all!

Was on AD in spurts from Vanilla until MoP. Looking to take this character in a very different direction in Classic.


I was on the server I can’t really remember the names of my friends :cry: I was Kiera and Danicah I also had a healer called moonflow.
I feel like our guild was maybe Royalty but I may be wrong I even have a video of us raiding :slight_smile:
I am quite lonely on the server, I found a guild but no one really talks, I may need to find another one.
So if anyone remembers me please say hey x


I used to play on AD back in the days. Back in vanilla I had a gnome named Eniro, who was also known as the turnip gnome.


hooray new guild :smiley:


Launch vanilla all the way up to BFA… Its SOOOO good to be back home in Classic!!!


Started in Vanilla as this little warrior or the mighty troll priest Zoral :slight_smile: He’ll be the next project to level up!


Kismat from AD here! Some may remember me from planning the SW ball and the Birmingham meet MANY years back. Back to RP-PVE on Classic and I’m now running the RP Merchant/Artisan themed guild Emporium. Lovely seeing all of these friendly, familiar faces! Would really be great seeing you at Emporium’s RP event this Sunday in Soutshore so that we can get that old RP vibe that Was so fantastic back on AD in the olden days!


/Milli (AKA Kismat)