Argus Questline Struggle

Hi All,

Currently attempting to complete the Argus questline to unlock the lightforged draenei.

However after completing “Sizing up the opposition” - the quests seem to have stopped completely. I’m only 1/3 on the story progress.

I just want to carry on and can’t find anyone with further quests to pick up.

Please help!

After that quest you should be onto stage 2 of the questchain there, this bit:
Chapter 2 Dark Awakenings (link below will take you to that section of the guide)

Should help you get back on track again hopefully :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a swift response!

The only problem is Magni doesn’t have a quest in Krokuun. It’s like for some reason his quest isn’t available - but I have done the prerequisites.

I am confused!

An update on this one. I logged in today and “Light’s Purchase” had spawned. Went and handed the quest in there…yet no follow on. Obviously the one in the North is now gone. I simply want to carry on this quest line but it doesn’t appear to be possible?

Final update - this is sorted. I’m not sure if it was me being dim, or if it was simply bugged yesterday. But I have found a new quest to pick up and continue the quest line.

Feel free to close this topic :slight_smile:

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Hey Dáni!
Glad to hear you got it sorted out

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