Arms warrior vs Fury in pve

Warrior was my first character I made when I jumped into wow 1.5 month ago and he was the first one I leveled to max, now he is normal orc, he has quest tab full of rubbish quests and old raid quest because I use him mainly to do stuff on max level so he is kinda my messy high level pick.

However lately I have been thinking about making maghar orc warrior and make him go through legion to get all the legion stuff you know.

I was playing exclusively fury, I havent tried arms or prot. I would just like to know how is arms compared to fury if I just want to go through legion and do all that legion stuff which includes some older raids for quests and such. I know that fury warrior is pretty solid but If I would make another warrior I would want him to play differently so I wont get bored you know.

pretty sure fury is better for leveling.
End game both are ok right now

Fury is more of an all rounder spec , when you go aoe spec you also don’t lose much of your single target which makes you a good choice for m+ but problem starts on pure single target which is majority of raid. You are 3rd worse dps on single target by 30% ish marjin.
On the other hand , arms if played correctly is the meta warrior spec but it has extremely degen rotation and boring to play on its current state and compared to fury has less self sustain.

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