[A][RP-Event] Alliance Free Company Winter Forum, December 12th

Alliance Free Company’s Winter Forum

The Winter Season falls upon us but the voices of the Alliance will not be silenced and the Alliance Free Company will hear them out. Danger besets us from all sides but the Free Company Militia is dedicated to eliminating all threats to our people. Any citizens who have any topics that need addressing are again heavily encouraged to come forward, we cannot destroy what we are not informed of. We welcome all peoples across the alliance to attend as a result.

Lord Ello Ebonlocke has again generously granted us his hall for use and as such the AFC’s winter forum will take place in the Darkshire Town hall on Saturday, December 12th. All citizens of the Alliance are encouraged to attend to hear our the AFC’s public address and are encouraged to stay until the end to take the stand with their own issues and grievances.

(As always, stick around for radiant RP after the event!)

Date and Location: Darkshire Town Hall on Saturday, December 12th at 20:00ST.

Contacts: Lieutenant [Ahskuh] Raelin and Watchmaster [Caitlyn] Cutteridge.

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