Artifact skins unlock question

In Legion I played Horde and I unlocked the mage tower appearance. Recently I leveled a Human Warrior and I want to unlock the 3 other colors for the mage tower appearance. Can that be done on my new warrior or do I have to unlock them on my Horde character?

The mage tower is gone my friend so you cannot unlock any additional skins from it.

If I have already unlocked the base Mage Tower appearance I can unlock the other 3 colors as well. Like “defeat HC Kil’Jaeden”. My question is, can it be done on my alliance character that I just leveled.

I want to say you can but this article may help you out:

It has to be done on the character that unlocked the base skin. This applies to alll the skins.


Yep. This. You’ll have to do it on the same character, unfortunately.

As Cedrad said here, this does need to be done on the character who has the original unlock, in this case that would be your Horde Warrior. Once they have completed the requirements to unlock the other colors though those would be available to use for Transmog by other Warriors on the account (spec restrictions still apply)


Just a question, what happens if I delete a class I did mage tower on? (I have one of each class at max level, so basically deleting the only character of that class that I have at max level)
Would I be unable to unlock the tints for the mage tower skin entirely? I guess character restoration is a fix for that, but I do think I’d lose my artifact weapons that way and thus probably the only way to unlock them.

You wouldn’t lose the appearances you’d already unlocked those are a part of your Transmog collection, but you wouldn’t be able to unlock the alt colors, as that has to be done on a character with the base appearance.

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