As the Transfer Restrictions remain...(Update 28.05)

Just a couple of minutes ago, there was an Update on the Transfer Restrictions

People with existing Characters still can not transfer Characters. That exception has to be made, come on! I want to bring over my alt already. I thank you for the “update” but I feel like we are overlooked!

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no ty. either they open for all transfers or not.

Okay for me too, tho I see why this could be more difficult to controll the pop.

The biggest issue with transfers has possibly been fixed today with the lotus changes, so maybe they opening transfers wouldn’t be an issue now.


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With any luck swarms of bots will die off during great “Black Lotus Bots Depression of 2020” resulting in less crowded servers, leading to transfer openings

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I just hope both of you are right. Since they updated the topic today they at least somehow “communicated”. With the BL fix it seems like they actively doing something to appease the player base.

Imagine if the reason kaivax posted this was to see how bl problem would cause less server pop due to many giving Up on Lotus. And if they Saw an decrease maybe open?

Man I just hope so. Having the Character transfer thread updated was saddening but it seems like Blizzard is doing stuff, let it be BL. They might work on fixes to get rid of bots and the Qs, IDK. right now hope remains but it feels like grasping at straws.

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