(A)Shazzrah - Infusion - Recruiting Raiders

Hello everyone!

Infusion-Guild recently formed by a few friends whom have played wow since the beginning.We are experienced raiders,many of us started in vanilla and raided into BFA.

What are our goals on Classic?
Our long term goals here are simple. We want to clear all current content, while remaining one of the best progressive raiding guilds on the server

To get there, our short term goal is to build a raid team of dedicated players. We are fully aware that some players are newer than others. We’re happy to help out where it’s needed.

For additional safety, we feature:

  • Raid leaders who have played wow, and cleared everything in vanilla, and raidlead up until now in BFA.
  • A team of highly experienced tanks.
  • Knowledge of all parts of Classic Content
  • Kind and capable Officers.

What sort of players are we looking for?:

  • We’re looking for people in a similar situation to us. Players who no longer have the time to mess around but people that are willing to push.

  • The second is players who are willing to enjoy the game with us at our pace, stable farm in a game that’s 15 years old. For all you newer players, don’t hesitate to apply. We’re entirely willing to teach, so long as your goals align with ours.

How can I join Infusion?:
You can join our https: //discord. gg/Xje5y4Y and leave your application,and officers will get in touch with your soon as possible.
Or just bother our GM, he’s always on Discord: Sinned#1974

-Raiding competitive wise, once on Farm, chilling raids. Let’s farm our gear for the next content!
-Friendly, funny and awesome raids! :wink:
-Joining a friendly and funny guild from people which have a long experience in WoW Vanilla and beyond, but started this journey together!

-Friendly, able to deal with constructive criticism. This goes both sides.
-A character maintained at progressive standards.
-Nearly 100% attendance. We like to keep a tight roster! This helps in building up the community feeling and at the end we’re all part of the Core.
-Able to prepare for Bosses, and well read up in mechanics.s
-Able to obey commands during raids, w/o hesitation.
-You are here for the guild, progress, we play as a team. Important aspect. We play to have fun, and having it as a team!

Onyxia and Molten Core on farm.Cleared each wednesday.

Other classes will be considered

Raiding Schedule:
2 days per week with a chance of adding a third day if needs be in later phases.
Wednesday: 20.00-23.00 Server time
Thursday: 20.00-23.00 Server time
Optional Sunday :20.00-2300 Server time(In later phases 5-6,if needed)

Loot Rules
-Loot Council

Discord: https:// discord.gg/4CNsHzy
GM: Sinned#1974
Recruitment Officers: Dallo#3853 - Freddy#4916 - amNesia#0585

Join the fun ppl!
We got an awesome raiding environment, and some pvp outside the raids.
Endgoal for everyone is having fun!

Open for 1 mage,1 warrior 1 Hpriest

Open for 1 warrior,1 mage to complete our raid team.

Open for 1 warrior 1 rogue 1 holy priest

Open for 1 warrior and 1 Hpriest

Open for 1 warrior 1 rogue and Hpriest.

Open for 1 warrior,1 mage,1 Hpriest.

Looking for mage,warrior,Hpriest

Open for dps and one healer(priest) for last spots in the raid team.

Looking for dps and healer to join our raid team!

If you have any more questions you can message me on discord Dallo#3853

Open for warrior,mage,Hpala/priest

Open for warrior,mage,Hpala/Hpriest.Other classes will be considered