[A][Silvermoon][8/8HC] <Dalaran Federal Reserve> recruiting

Dalaran Federal Reserve is a guild created in Legion by a group of friends interested in raiding and dungeoneering. We have since grew in size and picked up new people who we now regularly play with.

We enjoy theorycrafting about the classes we play, raid bosses and mythic+ dungeons. You will find us frequently on Discord in the evenings doing keys, discussing our gameplay or even farming mounts. Our progress in 8.2 is 8/8HC.


When it comes to raiding, our goal is to have a stable team capable of quickly going through HC so that we can focus our time on Mythic progression on two nights a week. We are looking for people who know, or are willing to learn their class in depth, people who will come prepared to raid nights and people who are focused on self improvement and want to see the guild progress. You should be highly motivated to learn from your mistakes and help your team members learn from theirs so we can all be better as a raid group and push forward through Nylotha raid. We are mostly looking for DPS players at the moment.


We have quite a few people with an interest in pushing keys and improving their m+ score, so if that is something you are interested in, you can find people to discuss keys/routes/meta with here.

Non-competetive stuff

In the end, WoW is not only about raids, dungeons and high keys. If you need help getting an achivement from an old raid, or want somebody to chat with while you are hoping for that rare mount drop, somebody in the guild will most likely want to tag along. We also try to organize achivement runs for current and past raids. Furthermore, this is something every member can take initiative on and create an event for.


If you’d like to join us, or if you’d like to know more about the guild, contact Nihilina/Nihilino in game, or add me on Discord (Kosta#3906) or bnet(Kosta777#2812).

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Had wrong character selected when I posted this is my main

Hi Kosta!

I tried sending a message over on discord but didn’t accept after I typed it all out and it disappeared xD

I am currently at work, but want to respond to you guys as I really like what you have put above.

So I have recently come back to wow and have been enjoying myself with all the content on offer and have dabbled in some dungeons and mythics.

I am really interested in getting into raiding and mythic dungeons.

I work Tues to Fri 5am - 4pm approx but play all weekend from Fri evening to Monday evening.

I currently play ret pally but I used to be holy pally whenever I have raided in the past.

I haven’t played holy since playing bfa but shouldn’t be a problem picking it up again.

Tbh I am happy to play any role as I have to capacity to learn and take any advice to play a style which best suits the guild.

I look forward to hearing from you

Discord (W0ndering50ul#4221)

Hey Neutron, sent you a reply on Discord!

Bump! Still recruiting :smiley:

Welcome Neutron, hope you will feel like at home! :slight_smile:

Welcome ! :slight_smile:

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Hey I saw your recruiting post and was pretty interested. I don’t have much raiding experience apart from BoD, but do run mythic plus frequently. Currently, I main a warrior of about 440 ilvl, and can play fury or prot. However i’d probably be more comfortable on dps, as I am still practicing my tanking in mythic +. I also have a druid that I am currently gearing up.

Honestly, I am happy to play any role, and am looking to improve and learn as a player, specifically when it comes to raiding. I feel that the best way for that to happen is to be in a helpful environment, which is what your guild sounds like.


Also forgot my discord is Torg#3893

Happy to have you in Torg! We are always looking for more players to strengthen our raid team.

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