[A][Silvermoon]<Sneezing Bear Inn> is recruiting!


“Sneezing Bear Inn” , Silvermoon, is looking for members to create a stable and drama free raiding guild. The aim is to create a guild with a solid and friendly core group, focused on m+ and raids. The guild is still fresh, one week old.

“Sneezing Bear Inn” aims to be a familiar sized guild, where people feel at home and can look forward for that moment of the day when they “log on” wow to see all our friendly names.

Contentwise, we aim to reach Ahead of the Curve each tier while having a fun and friendly environment. We may aim for some few bosses on mythic, but never giving up on the “fun” in order to progress.


  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 19h30 to 22h30, current content raid;

Currently Seeking:

  • Dedicated players willing to grow and help grow the guild;
  • Mature and well behaved players;
  • 460+ characters;
  • Monk or Shaman healer;
  • Dps, preferably ranged, but melee may be considered.

Why a new guild?

  • You’re looking to be part of something, to help something grow;
  • You get to know people a lot better, and you will never feel like you’re just filling a bed in the inn;
  • You’ll have people sweating blood and tears to make this a successful inn, making the best steaks on the game.

Feels like an Inn you would be willing to live in? Send me a message on discord, Dostoievski#4111

Wishes of great adventures,

Good afternoon :slight_smile:

I have sent you a request on Discord. Maybe we can chat or talk about your lovely Inn at some point next week?

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Hello Nêkosmite!

Can confirm I got your request :slight_smile: happy to have a chat with you, whenever you have time :smiley:

Wishes of the best,


We’ve achieved curve and have started getting some mythic bosses, we’re 2/12 atm. Still recruiting for our last 2 spots!

Wishes of great adventures,

Good evening!

After multiple reclears, we’re ready to focus more energy on some mythic bosses, recruiting 1 healer (Shaman or Monk) and an exceptional dps, both atleast 460+ and ready to hop on mythic.

Best of wishes,