Ask questions about wow - 404

I think it’s a little ironic that the thread about asking questions got 404ed


I’m sure it will be up shortly, but damn, that’s frustrating :smile:

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It’s even more frustrating that apparently there are already 3 replies in it, even if it’s 404.

Those are all test replies by me as I troubleshoot.


Maybe Activision doesn’t like what you do, Kaivax. :clown_face:

Kaivax always takes all our anger and frustrations as he’s usually the one doing official announcements.

He deserves a medal honestly.


I need some info on whats in store for us before questions.
There got to be a lot of news on the wow panel, some of them might make my questions irrelevant already

The original thread is already opened. I’d advise you to go post your question there.

Pouvez-vous nous dire quand le vol sera opérationnel à Shadowsland. Merci

Do we still have to go gamble our conduits ilvl ? And is heroic pvp gear going to be better from heroic PvE one?
Trinkets from last boss is way undetuned according to the PvP ones for PvE content can we change that?

Our complaints still stands, I see no problem.

Now all that remains is seeing answers for our questions on QnA.

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