Assassination 8.1.5 Guide

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I’m a regular content creator for rogues on youtube with experience raiding in the top 100 for the last 3 years and as a rogue for 13 years. I created some notes to make my video guides for this patch and thought it would be a good idea to share them as a written guide to help other players that don’t have the time to research on their own.

Stat Priority

Single Target = Haste > Mastery > Crit > Vers

Please simulate your character for best results


Rings : Haste (sims your best stat)
Main Hand Dagger: Whatever stat sims as your second best stat - Haste probably
Offhand Dagger: Whatever stat sims as your second best stat - Mastery probably

**Damage Buffs**

Flask: Flask of Currents
Potion: Battle potion of Agility
Food: Bountiful Captain’s Feast
Rune: Battle Scarred

Trinket Single Target Priority

Mythic+ drops (Best)

Galecallers Boon - Haste is our best stat and on use
Deadeye Spyglass - Good trinket
Loaded Dice - Strong proc trinket
Lustrous Golden Plumage - Strong synergy with vendetta
Galecallers Boon - Haste is our best stat and on use

Raid Drops

Kimbuls Razorclaw
V.I.G.O.R (Mekka trinket)

*** Note: For single target equipe your highest item level of the top 7 trinkets as they are all pretty close in terms of DPS, It’s also recommended to simulate your character in raidbots to find your optimal gear **

World Quest trinkets if they proc over 400itmlvl can be worth it

Azerite traits Priority (Outer Ring)

3x Doubledose
2x Nothing Personal
1x Treacherous Covenant

Twist the Knife is also viable filler till you get new azerite

Azerite Priority (Inner Ring)

Overwhelming power
Heed my call
Gut ripper

Inner traits may vary depending on fight and your stats, Use raidbots to optimize

Single Target Talents

Level 15: Elaborate Planning
Level 30: Master Assassin
Level 45: Vigor
Level 60: Cheat death
Level 75: Prey on the Weak
Level 90: Toxic Blade
Level 100: Poison Bomb

General Playstyle

Maintain Garrotte
Maintain Rupture
4-5 Point Envenoms
Toxic Blade on cooldown
Vendetta on cooldown
Vanish only when you have vendetta

Toxic Blade

Use this ability on cooldown - more uses per fight means more damage. It’s such a low cooldown.

When ever Vanish is available use it from stealth

You want to make sure you pull energy before using the ability but try not to sit with it off cooldown for too long as doing this multiple times will cause you to lose a full use due to its short cooldown.

During toxic Blade you want to get as much energy spent as possible on Envenoms

2 envenoms during toxic blade is mandatory
3 envenoms is really good
4 envenoms is very rare but unbelievable burst dps

During Toxic blade there will be times when you need to Garrote or Rupture - Applying these are still priority but you should still be able to land 2 envenoms

Use 4-5 combo point finishers during Toxic blade


Vendetta + trinkets
Toxic Blade

You can check out the Video guide that goes with this written guide on our youtube channel at Youtube/infexiousgaming

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