Assassination needs a nerf - we all know it

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This was made BEFORE the nerf - imo, they're fine atm.

Sub is still trash.

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Shouldn't get outlaw more dmg to plate classes? Since the dmg is physical and there is no armor penetration mechanic anymore?(Back in TBC there was still

After that small change, outlaw is fine for a casino meme.

Sub, i really prefere WoD Sub. No contest whatsoever.

Blizz obviously wanted a PvE spec to dominate, by sledgehammernerfing the 2 other specs, GCD changes and increase of white hit dmg + haste stat value for any kind of melee, even when there are no dots, its pretty hilarious this modern wow, isn't it?

Don't get fooled by numbers alone, look at the class design. Its simply wrong.

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Nerfing a spec fixes nothing. When one class is so heavily represented due to it doing its job too good, others need to be brought up to the plate to be equal with it, nerfing should always be a last resort in games.


Talking PVP.
Sin is good how it is.
Sub needs a redesign or if not, at least a dmg buff.



Can’t you change the title?

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outlaw dmg is fine, the rng playstyle is horrible tho


I couldnt agree more, would be nice to buff outlaws ST & AoE by maybe 20-30% more.

Who cares about assa anyways, nerf it to the ground and buff outlaw in return xD


Yes, agree to nerf assa, but only after dh, warriors, surv, fire mage, unholy dk and ww damage nerfs, warlock, dk, druid survivability nerfs.

Sub need some love, outlow looks good currently, but i don’t play it much.


The OP is either not playing this toon or stopped playing the game, so here is the situation with assassin:
1- yes we have burst but it pales in comparison to the aoe+st burst other classes have.
2- when playing m+, not bringing your a game and especially your opener can have devastating results on your dps.
3- assassin as a whole is very azerite dependent and you can choose to have st or aoe but not both.
4- stealth is broken and not functioning as we want it meaning we can de-stealth prematurely and that can have dire consequences in Pvp where we cannot do our opener properly.
5- vendetta is a debuff to the mob. This locks us to the particular mob and if the mob dies early we lose our bonus damage, if we switch to another add we lose our bonus damage, if we get cc’d we lose our bonus damage.

I personally love my Riddick/predator hybrid class but do feel bad whenever there is an aoe situation where I will look like I am carried, this is especially predominant in faster dying mobs which at our ilvl’s is most of the time.

We do not need a nerf of any type and on the contrary we need a buff to our aoe for at least not look embarrassed compared to x class(s)

Now I am writing this from a pve perspective mostly but knowing blizzard, how many classes were destroyed in the past just because of “ pvp “ nerfs?


Blizzard don’t have a clue what class balance is.

There are many class’s in a much worse state than rogue, mage being one example, all 3 mage specs suck ball atm, yet you don’t see mages all jumping up and down demanding nerfs to the other 2 specs.

How about you stop QQ ing and actually suggest improvements to the other 2 specs, instead of trying to make everything crap.

Cause here’s the thing, I have 3 class’s atm, Mage, Rogue and DK. I’ve started doing rogue on raids, because its actually viable. Take that away and I will quit wow, I have no other reason to play atm and I am not re-rolling yet another toon just because your epeen got hurt.

Its time the customer base stopped acting like little kids.


So many people in this thread don’t understand some really fundamental game design basics.

All of the rogue specs currently live to their fullest in their ‘class identity’. That is the overall aim of Blizz, and has been since Legion.

Assass are single target killers. They do so with control and execution, they aren’t hasty. They’re calculated. Hence the slow rotation.

Outlaw (R.I.P. Combat :sob:) has and always will be the go-to AoE spec, which is why its so preferred for M+, especially high keys currently with Reaping and Teeming especially. Blade Flurry, Blade Dance and Killing Spree are huge AoE advantages. Although, arguably they’ve always had the best main CD in Adrenaline Rush.

Sub are masters of control, hence their power in CC currently. Although their damage sucks, they still have their perks, like the fact that most Mythic Zul first-time kills by guild had half the melee dps being Sub rogues for Shuriken Combo (also R.I.P.).

I wholeheartedly agree that Sub needs a rework, it needs to be closer to what it was late Cata/early MoP. Although their finishers are incredibly powerful currently. Maybe if Blizz just buffed the effect of secondary stats like haste/mastery on Sub causing energy regen and base attack speed to be increased, aswell as finishing move power from the mastery - that could work nicely.

But as for Assass/Outlaw, they are both incredibly good at what they do best, and decent at the rest. Outlaw is very competitive in single target fights and in +10-14 M+ runs I easily out dps DH/ele sham/[name strong AoE dps here] as Assass with the right traits and talents on a reaping wave or another big pull.

PvP balance is independent of PvE balance, if anything happens, it will be bleeds or envenom being less effective against players. but I doubt that will happen, there are bigger problems in PvP right now.

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why play assa when ele shaman does what rogue does but better on all fronts, sustain, damage, cc. Channeled Kidney with hp % damage. :^)

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Really? So it should me like rupture?
You know passive healing outside combat pretty much outheals a 5cp rupture?

Even on this toon its the same. Rip, my main “big” bleedee ticks for amazing 2k every 2.7sec.
Outheald by passive.
Rake=garrote and it works the same way

Damn, when i think of it rogues and druids are pretty much the same class
Different look, same wrapping…