Auction House Listings – 17 August

To prepare for the upcoming region-wide commodities Auction House update, all auctions that are still listed when next week’s maintenance begins will be cancelled and returned to players’ mailboxes. There will be a notice that appears in the Auction House 48 hours before the maintenance begins informing players of the update, so be sure to set your listings to end before the servers go down.


That’s fine, but now that it’s already been implemented, do you think you can fix it so it works as intended? I had a scare recently when the “sold” section of the A/H interface listed several purchases of resources I was selling at the wrong pricing.

Since I set up the whole lot of them at the same time, the pricing should only have varied due to number. Instead I saw a couple “sales” of multiple items at the default base value, rather than the base value x the number of items purchased

Thankfully this turned out to be graphical error, rather than a mathematical one since the numbers when the funds arrived added up correctly for the total number of items sold, + deposit refund, minus % A/H cut.

This isn’t the only bug either. Some have likely already been reported, but I have heard of players getting banned coz they cancelled listing that refunded the item, and it’s gold value as if sold and I have heard of items and gold beng duplicated, or lost entirely.

Thankfully I haven’t experienced this myself, just that scare with the graphical glitch.

On another matter, the now region wide consumables and reagents etc A/H has led to an increase in botter aactivity - which can be easily seen just by watching consumable item number, and prices fluxuate when hitting refresh.

Now I understand that a lot more players have access to this side of the A/H now but surely they are not buying and selling at the ridiculous pace that can be seen simply by spamming refresh.

Finally, a world of warning to all your LAZY people out there who don’t bother to check the auto-match pricing that the A/H interface fills in for you. There are unscrupulous people out there who are not against setting the A/H pricing in their favour.

Simply checking a consumable/reagent etc pricing, and watching for a while can determine the average value of the item. But posting a single item at a much reduced price, that filthy loot goblin can take the gold out of your pocket before you even know what hit you.

For example:

ITEM A is selling for 10g on average
Looty McGoblin 1 sets up a sale of one item for 1g
The then quickly switch to the buy tab, and search for the item.
Lying in wait, they can then spam refresh until the listing changes to show an increased amount.
And woosh. They buy out your hastily posted “I rely on the AH” auto-match system at the price they want, rather than what you expected.

Filthy filthy, as loot goblins are, you gotta respect their ingenuity. However, the same can not be said by the disgusting botters out there who simply set up their bots to do all this for them.

So yeah, stop being lazy. Check the A/H pricing and make sure you’re not being scammed

u guys really kill the AH…

i dont want farm anything anymore… because prices are dead

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