Audio, Distance Filtering not working

The option to enable/disable this does not work. Whether on or off it acts as if it always enabled so that the voice is louder the closer you are to the target and quieter further away. I need to disable this as it’s very annoying to have it always on.

From my experience it decreases the sound to much i wish i could tweak it to be less agressive atleast for dialog i sometimes wish it did not effect that least.

will this ever be fixed? it’s annoying as heck when the voices with their booming rumbling bass become so loud when you stand next to them.

This fixed my sounds issues. It increased volume with camera not with character position.

/console Sound_ListenerAtCharacter “1”

After this it works like it should - volume of NPCs and mobs depends on my location, not camera zoom.

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thx, is that without the quote symbols for “1” ?

Just copy paste it its probably fine as it is if it changes nothing do it without, anyway thanks for tip if known about this command but appearntly forgoten about it

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