AV preamdes and the Blizzard End User License Agreement

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Aww sorry I forgot to bring my serious face today to discuss issues that matter. Like defining what’s an exploit and what isn’t, it’s funny how these no good pre made expoilters aren’t getting banned for it because that’s what usually happens to exploiters right?

By that logic, botting is also allowed. Even though they might ban one person for botting, as long as they let someone else bot by not punishing it, it would mean under your definition that it’s allowed for that person.

Sorry, troll elsewhere, child.

No one is expecting anyone to get banned when Blizzard is so unclear about the rules.

Step one would be for Blizzard to clarify the rules and/or make adjustments for AV queues.

But people who bot do get banned.

People who was using auto clickers also get banned during the ban waves.

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Alliance haven’t been able to farm horde in every corner of world in p2, so all hordes exploied and have to be punished

Just because they haven’t banned everyone who is botting it doesn’t mean they are not monitoring them and getting ready to ban them during the next ban wave.

Botters do get banned and I’ve yet to see a single person who is in a pre made getting banned because of it.

Try again, gramps.

That’s a misunderstanding, that wasn’t a limitation by design. It was a social difference.

You’re just attempting to use clear sophistry to suit your narrative.

It doesn’t mean they will ban all the botters either. And according to your logic, them not banning a person for it means it’s allowed.

What you seem to be referring to is a lack of precedent next, but that’s not how you define rules. The rules are already defined, and it falls under its definition. Their lack of enforcing it doesn’t automatically mean it’s ok. That’s just a child’s logic.

I don’t want anyone to be banned for this. I want Blizzard to change the system.

I just want to see the reason why alliance should not be able to win in AV, since it is close to impossible without premade in current game situation.

Technically speaking, it’s very much possible. But player skill and impact will always be the determining factor in the end, and this is not something that can be addressed without rated matchmaking.

No my logic is this and it’s very simple yet you are doing some mental gymnastics to try reinforce your own agenda.

Bots do get banned, if discovered they are investigated and if Blizzard feels they have sufficient proof they ban them.

Players who use auto clickers were banned and had honor removed.

Players who exploited layering to farm and kill the last boss of a dungeon received bans.

So far I have heard of absolutely NO ONE getting banned for being in a pre made.

Thus it’s very clear to see that Blizzard does not class this as an exploit.

Thank you and I’ll be here all week. Try the caviar.

You don’t see it do you? Alliance PUGs lose over and over because the alliance pugs have all the bad and unmotivated players while all the good rankers and motivated players do premades. When Horde play we have a healthy mix. Long queue give motivated players and many are rankers in good gear.

Alliance premades are bad for both factions. I cant even believe alliance rankers like getting stuck in AV 24/7…

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Oh no, there’s plenty of logic deployed above. You just don’t seem to want to read it. I guess long posts turns off your brain?

All that is clear is that no one have been punished for it yet. It’s literally a cheat according to the rules. Whether or not Blizzard will comment or take action is another question.