AV solution


I know this subject has been on fire recently so sorry for making another post about this but i feel this gives a good scope on how big the issue is.

Let me address the issue first.
The current AV version(nerf’d version) gives way to much honor for NPC kills and extra objectives this makes bots/scripts very effective atm to compete in the honor brackets which also destroys moral to pvp at all because a normal person with a job can’t gain the amount of honor a bot can generate.

To solve this problem there is a few things that can be done.
But i think the best way to go at it is to restore Av to the 1.4 version( which also makes bots less of a threat to the brackets in general, because let’s be real here people will remain to bot even after the fact but they will be less of a problem for the rankers)
Or boost WSG so it’s the most efficient honor per hour!
Because banning bots is nice and all but by the time the bans go out the damage is already done and the brackets are already ruined.

WSG and eventually AB should be the best BG’s to gain honor from.
Because let’s be honest the current state of pvp is a rush fest to the other factions base and kill the boss asap for the best honor gain per hour.
Which is not something i signed up for once i heard Classic was coming out.

Sorry for my bad English i hope i made my point come across.

Greetings- Anema

This is hardly the biggest issue with AV at least for Blizzard.
I just did 3 AV.s in a row in each of them the AV started with a stupidly low Alliance roster i.e. 10 v 40, 22 v 40 and 30 v 40 - This lead to a number Leeching (what’s the point of playing), Horde camping spawn cave (cant play anyway) and very frustrated paying players.
People pay to play not farmed with no chance, not gaining Honor, not gaining gear whilst their opponents do whilst half asleep.
If you want people to play they need to be able to play or you will lose them.
This was in AV classic of course

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