Avalanche 2/8 Mythic - Recruiting Dps!


Avalanche is a heroic raiding guild comprised of ex mythic and heroic players, we are a two night raid guild with the main focus on achieving curve each tier, once this is achieved we will push into mythic whilst remaining a two night guild.

What we can offer you:

  • The chance to join and be a part of a solid team.
  • Weekly M+ guild runs with experienced players.
  • Potential weekend fun alt runs.
  • Relaxed raiding environment with the chance to learn and grow

What we are looking for:

  • Warlock
  • Mage
    *All other ranged will be considered

We are not a strict raiding guild but we do plan on making progression at a steady pace, we do expect you to turn up to raids if you wish to trial for us that being said life happens and you wont be penalized if you can’t attend within reasonable circumstances.

Raid nights:

Wednesday 21:00 ST - 23:30 ST
Sunday 21:00 ST - 23:30 ST

if you are interested contact either of the following players on battletag:

Still looking for a couple more DPS with high prio on warrior and dh

Also a tank spot has opened

Both tank positions now filled.

Still looking for one healer (pref. monk or paladin) and a few DPS spots, with warrior, mage, druid, SPriest or paladin being in higher demand.

Both Tanks & Healing slots are full, Still recruiting DPS

Still looking to add strong DPS to our team r ady for df as we want to push into mythic progress in 10.0

Hey, your guild looks like exactly what I’m after.
Will reach out in game later tonight and try to speak to one of you then.

Hey mate, add me on btag if you want to chat - Tricky#21141


if you still need a Mage I might be interested :slight_smile: I added Tricky on Bnet. If you guys are interested accept otherwise feel free to decline :smiley:

We are still recruiting a few DPS for some mythic raiding in dragonflight!

One dps spot still open on the roster! Raiding will reopen for prepatch once a week moving back up to the original schedule 2 nights a week in DF!

Still 1 dps spot open, preferred ret paladin.

Still recruiting one dps, all classes are covered so you can play what you like!

Just looking for a mage now to complete the team

Updated - recruiting an Evoker, mage and or Spriest - please note spaces are limited

Achieved 8/8HC and looking to get into mythic. Still looking for a warlock!

Still recruiting most ranged dps, preferrably mage or a warlock! Now 1/8 mythic aswell.

2/8 Mythic and in need of a warlock and a secondary mage!

2/8 Mythic and in need of a warlock and a secondary mage still - active discord and lots of great people!

still recruiting - mage & an evoker all other specs will be considered