Azerite Essences - Account Bound

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Hey community,

A few weeks in to 8.2 feels like you have done som progress.
Now when it comes to all your alts.

It’s beyond everything… that you have to unlock the essences you have nerded hard for on your main. To redo all of that timespent just to unlock essences.

It should be ACCOUNT BOUND, period.
Unlocking essences for the VERY first time is the progressing part.

Blizzard you honestly can’t think people want to grind to exalted 2-3-4-5-6 times just to unlock the last rank for ONE alt… one!

The whole system goes against all your “recent” changes to account bount reputation for achievments.

It’s already a huge investment to lvl up the neck, dont make us grind to play the patch on a alt.


I’m fine with the current essence design. Will farm the rank 3 or 4 on my main and pick maybe one or two rank 2 for my alts and call it a day, they don’t need much more than that.

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Battle for Accountbound

Waves flag

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