Azerite traits, neck traits, talents, pvp talents


Something that has had me confused since the start of bfa was how obvious it was that the majority of azerite traits where dull and passive and yet the pvp talents where so good.
And then we hear about the possible level squash partly because they can’t give you something every level.
And now with the azerite neck system on top azerite traits on top of talents on top of pvp talents on top item abilities and mini sets its all getting a bit crazy and despite all these the options still doesn’t feel great.

It seems to me the answer to all this is a new talent system that starts as early as lvl 1 and continues into endgame. Merging all the talent systems into one. The classic earn and spend talent point system that can be changed in rested areas and with tomes. You earn a talent point at every level with your best talents costing a lot more than your not so good ones. You could make some op talents be in a exclusive row and each would end up with its own meta build and playstyle.
The system would include all the current talent choices with no rows as well as the pvp choices and some cool abilites from azerite gear/leggos/tier sets too.
At max level you continue earning paragon xp and unlocking more talent points. These could be capped per week or per season or use a knowledge system and can be gained by doing any endgame activity much like ap in legion.

With this system you could bring back tier sets but maybe not so powerful and raid ones could be effective in that raid and dungeon tier sets would only be effective in that seasons dungeons. (M+ reward system should be end of week loot from EACH dungeon you complete at the highest lvl with no loot per dungeon run imo so it is not farmable and you can target high ilvl gear from each dungeon.) As well as interesting items like we see in crucible and the new card trinket to go with it.

You could also unlock and/or improve talents just like the new traits on the neck from different activities but all being class/spec specific. Towards the end of the expansion you could even bring in a heart of azeroth style item that has traits and you put a talent in it that would effectively be free.

Then when the next exp launches and you enter a new land will lose your paragon levels as you have you have to earn the respect of the new people your working with to be a paragon again.

Nobody loses any powers at the end of an expansion as they can still use their remaining points on whichever talents theu want. They just can’t unlock their full arsenal till are revered as a paragon in this new adventure.

Being able to unlock all your aoe talents in a dungeon would feel great and being able to have all you st abilities for a raid boss would also feel great.

O and please let us have savable talent sets so we can quickly switch between ‘pvp’ and ‘dungeon fortified’.

Edit: thanks if you read all that!