Azerothian Archivist - Is this it?

Regarding the 10.2.5 Azerothian Archivist “Event” After spending some time in the world of the Archivists, this is a headsup. The real deal about this event is about Archeology, which we all know is removed as proffession. So, when ppl will look at this the first time, it will be a lot of hype since players like archeology a lot. especially since you are getting that kind of question on EVERY interview. But, is this event actually about Archeology? No, no it´s not. We are literally servants for the real Archeologists: setting up camp, feeding them, putting hats on their heads because it´s to much sun on them and so on. An entire event where we are servants for Archeologists. We don´t even know what they are fidning, if you don´t read the book (that no one will see, and be asked to read. I farmed the rep to next rank because I REALLY thought that we had learn more in order to unlock more content and do some ACTUAL Archeology. PTR is PTR and I didnt get that answer. Now, IF what we see in the PTR is everything, then this will be the worst event in history, and players will not be happy about it. There is still time to sort this out.

Take a look at the achievements linked to this event on the PTR. They strongly suggest there’s more to that what’s been tested so far.

Time will tell if it hits the spots for fans of Acheology!