Azora's Will is looking for New members (and perhaps a small guild or two!)

Do you want to try for a BWL farming guild that holds your hand giving out free loot - or do you want to matter? Feel the thrill when a boss goes down for the first time? Become a part of one raid group?

Azora’s Will is looking for fresh or soon to ding lvl 60’s join us. In addition we are looking for smaller guilds with dreams of raiding together one day to join our community. Yes - you, your friends and guildmates. Level 60, those still leveling and socialites.

What can we offer?

Become a part of a strong core group of people who are building and developing together. Some with Vanilla experience, others from later expansions. From a feeble start struggling to get raids in ZG to slowly build up to where we are now. At the gates of Molten Core.

We are an international bunch with members from all over Europe and across the world. English is the main language in chat/raids.

We have NOT labeled ourselves hard-core or some shade in between. We get the job done while having a laugh - sometimes because yours truly is tanking drunk, healers are high and dps think threat meter is dps-meter. (or feign death “resisted” )

Feedback from hosting raids is that we have a good vibe, we’re efficient and run with calm and collected raid leaders. A great time to put it simple.

We currently have 2 to 3 raid days a week depending on content available. For now, thursday and sunday have settled in as our main raid days.

Loot Rules:
ZG MS > OS roll
Molten Core (and beyond?) is moving towards soft-reserve.

Contact Riaka or any officer (ask ingame) to arrange a meeting for further discussions.


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come join us and let’s have fun and raid together

Slowly growing guild, making good progress. come join us so we can continue to grow and progress!

Slowly growing guild, making good progress. come join us so we can continue to grow and progress!

We are currently recruiting all classes and have until now brought our potential recruits into ZG so they can see if they fit in and have fun with us before we invite to the guild.

This practice has been well received and as the guild grows we are now expanding this to include a visit to Onyxia’s lair on Wednesday 20/5.
ZG runs this week is on Thursday and Sunday - and while we expect a full clear on bosses, it looks like a tradition is set to have at least one wipe on trash… :smiley:

If you got this far - why not contact in game for discord details so you can sign up for Onyxia or ZG


Any chance you could use a restro druid?

Hi Mortensen.
I haven’t seen you online yet - but we do need to have a chat. Also, think we have been in the same guild a while back and you was one of the few that fell of the radar when Azora’s Will was created.


updated original post

Updated and brand new recruitment post :slight_smile:

A new guild-recruitment post.

We can make it to the top, be winners in the end
To the end of time, we want strings to bend
And to use it, we’ll never break through
We shall show the world

-Return, To the top, 1987

Amazingly enough two of our most wanted classes to join is Dps Warriors and Mages :slight_smile:

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