Azora's Will Recruiting

Azora’s Will

We are a friendly casual raid guild made up of mainly older mature players from all over and many with families to work round.
While being a bit more relaxed we do aim to clear content and expect people to learn their classes and improve with us.


Currently we Raid Thursday and Sunday at 20:30 server time clearing ZG, MC and ONY.
Still to progress into BWL as we were waiting to recruit a little more, although we have a couple of kills from our first venture in.
There is potential for a third raid night to be added in the future.

Loot in our For MC/BWL is through a soft reserve system with +1 to help with more even distribution of loot. ONY and ZG are MS>OS.

Currently running 40 mans with an allied guild as we recruit more to our own team.

Raid attendance is not mandatory although we do have many regular raiders


We are currently open to most classes and specs so for people looking to join with a group of friends we would be a good fit since you could join together.
Also we are open to people leveling at 30+ who might like to make a home here and possibly join our raid team once 60
and can help farm pre-bis if you are a new 60 or close to 60.

We are especially looking for Hunters, fury warriors, Holy paladins and Holy priests.

At the moment we are full on all forms of tank.

Please contact us if you are interested and would like to find out more.

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