Azshara raid finale misunderstood


I see a lot of people think Azshara got betrayed by N’Zoth and misinterpret how the encounter in the Eternal Palace ended. I believe there are strong reasons the truth is quite the opposite. There’s plenty of evidence that points to the fact that everything went her way.

Let’s start with the fact that she has been very inviting to the Horde and Alliance, with the reason of none other than for them to bring all their Azerite necklaces in order to break the chains of N’Zoth’s prison.
We can start with all the lines of Il’Gynoth who predicted all of this would happen. The one sentence that has clearly reoccured is “The Diamond King has been made a pawn.”, referring to Magni, also said in the same way by Azshara in the encounter.

“Every move you’ve made has been according to my will. That lumbering Dwarf believed you could save Azeroth by empowering your shiny little heart, the gift of a sleeping titan. Yes… a titan’s heart was exactly what was needed, not to heal the world, but to shatter the prison of a god. Such delicious irony, the Diamond King has been made a pawn. The ritual nears completion, The Black Empire rises and the world awaits its true queen.” - Azshara in the last encounter in Eternal Palace

So, as you can see, she was very aware of what was going to happen and everything went according to her and N’Zoth’s plan. It is a series of events which leads to the rise of the Black Empire.

One of the interpretations of the end cinamtic is that she dies, the chains are broken, N’Zoth is finally free and resurrects her and pulls her to him, away from the Alliance and Horde, pretty much saving her.
She has a shocked look on her face, but it’s not a fearful reaction. It’s pretty much how characters react when they are brought to life shortly after dying.

Azshara and N’Zoth have a weird relationship, but I think they know they need eachother in order to achieve their goals. N’Zoth is more powerful, but is not stupid. He wants to corrupt everyone, but it’s not like Azshara is fighting against it, she accepts it because it empowers her.
They might betray eachother at some later point, but it’s too soon for that.

I welcome anyone to argue against the points I mentioned.

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Everything went according to her plan, but dang was it a painfully obvious plan. You pretty much knew how BfA would go even before it was released


Only if you mean the very vague outline of “Alliance and Horde will fight and passively help the Old Gods until they rise again and everyone bands together to face them”. The stupidity of the details on the way isn’t something I think many would have predicted…

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The fact that so few anticipated that the faction war would turn into yet another MoP (probably even worse), shows that there was an alarming amount of people giving credit where credit isn’t due. Me included.

Wonder if come next stories, players will be as lenient or willing to give writers the chance.

Regarding the topic:
I think that Azshara’s gasp was more about the kind of shock you’d get from a defibrillator, rather than surprise or dismay regarding a potential “betrayal”.
I’d say things remain about the same regarding their relation.

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Sadly, I stopped giving them the chance since WoD. They’ve yet to prove me wrong. I think we can all agree that the lore had gone down the drain after MoP. Quality of writing even more so.

I agree with this as well, although I’m pretty sure that N’zoth will discard Azshara soon, now that he is fully free. She played her part and he only tolerated her because he had no choice and had to play nice because he needed her. Now he can easily get a payback at her and completely enslave her/punish her for being a cocky birch.


Im pretty sure that her SECOND death was arranged by N’zoth. Why would he care about her corpse anyway? Even as the strongest magic user in entire world, her powers would mean so little to an Old God at its fullest.

One thing that makes N’zoth different is that unlike other Old Gods, he is unpredictable. He didnt go all berserk like C’thun-Yshaarj-Yogg the moment he found an opening, instead he waited an eternity to fill all holes in his plan. So like hell this was the last time you saw Azshara. She will be yet another raid Boss pre-N’zoth in future in a way much more twisted form.


Did Azshara actually even die – it looks like she is suddenly woken up or revived… like you have a sudden injection of power like a booster shot.


No she did not die. Only knocked unconscious. N’Zoth clearly just rescued her from us. (Serious). I don’t understand all the talk of Azshara being betrayed. If anything, had N’zoth left her behind - that would be a betrayal. He(?), it(?) kept the bargain of their alliance and extracted Azshara from a potential imprisonment or worse.


That’s what I thought, she was unconscious… I watched the Wrathbringer video again, and similarly after Azshara was drwowning, she passes out, at first you think she is dead, but she isn’t, she’s just severly weakened, and dying, but she is alive enough to make the deal with n’zoth.


Exactly yes!!! I wonder where ppl see Nzoth betray her


N’zoth saw potential for Azshara to be recycled as a boss ala Kael’thas down the road, so he seized the opportunity of another setback joke and some sweet Azshara X N’zoth “fan-art”.

It’s the story version of re-using that boar model yet another time. Still good to go, just make a couple of adjustments and ship it again. For old god adjustments, I expect even more eyes in weird places, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Relax, everything is according to plan.
We kill (knock her unconscious) Azshara and grab her loot. In the process he release N’Zoth, so we can kill him to grab his loot.
As a bonus, he ressurects Azshara, so we can loot her again!

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