Azshara's demise (spoilers)

(Tyrandé) #1

I have so many emotions rights now, no idea what to think of this.


Ah, sure a demise. I will see myself out.

(Erevien) #3

Demise? Hoe is still alive.


Emotions as?
Feel free to share.

(Tyrandé) #5

Anger,frustration,sadness,disappointment,rage ! This expansion should be buried in the same coffin as WOD !!


I loved the ending. They could’ve added more, but I’m happy all the foreshadowing turned out to be true. I really like how everything comes together and there are still plenty of forces and threats and we don’t know how it’s all going to play out.


Nah wod was better then this.
Outsde draenor is free stupid ending and Au in past the story overall was pretty good and certainly better written then bfa.


I have a feeling that azshara may end up siding with us in the end after being double crossed.

She did NOT look happy when she was dragged away by Nzoth


No Old Gods expension, all about Faction Pride. 8.3 - slam dunk all Oldies will be free! We will have MC-ed character all over Azeroth! I hope My Eye of Nzoth will worth something.

(Elyssarain) #10

Called it. Knew she’d survive. That’s 2/3 confirmed Warbringers surviving. Sylvanas is 99.9%+ guaranteed to survive as well.

Have a joke: where’s the race with the biggest grudge against Azshara?

Speaking of, I really can’t see the Kaldorei killing Azshara off. Especially with these writers.

I miss Yrel :confused:


Why? I pretty much love it so far.

I loved that as well, was SO RL friendly…


The Eternal Palace was merely a setback!


Thunder Bluff was merely a setback! All of Azeroth shall know the vengeance of the Shu’halo Horde!

We shall start by giving Ashenvale back and then crushing the Forsaken remnants on the EK! Then there will be many words said about Taurajo over teatime in the capital of the Alliance of the Horde! Stormgrimmar. I will insist upon a statue of my father at the port.

(Shadowtwili) #14

Yeah, it’s like Blizzard considers the night elves story done and their vengeance complete, so no reason to add them too the Azshara story too.

Why add night elves when we have Jaina who can explain what Zin-Azshari is and how their ancient teleport network works?

(Zarao) #15

Surprisingly, I agree.

I liked the depth they gave Draenor cultures.
The Arakkoa, the Ogre Empire, the different Orc clans, the Draenei before being genocided (Rangari, Auchenai, etc.).

Overall, and thematically speaking, I liked it.

Shame this was all soured by several big cons: It was a time travelling experience, content cut and drough, and awful ending.
And not counting gameplay flaws.

It was a shame really.
Hope that in a future story involving the Maghar, they manage to redeem themselves for it and give said theme some justice.


I wonder if there is one warbringer we have not seen yet, someone who is the big bad of the expac, and it aint N´zoth as we all think, and it aint sylvanas eighter.


its shame kargath was first boss(ogrinaly he was gonna escape) and nerzhul a dungeon boss(and it being in his void pocket dimension thing there couldve set up for him returning later in shatrath raid that was scrapped).

and think yrel was either gonna be velhari in hfc or they where gonna have some connection but was scrapped aswell.

(Keydiam) #18

It’s all but confirmed that the ‘Kerrigan/Redemption’-arc is coming considering that the devs already told us that she will not become Garrosh 2.0. What’s the most straightforward option after such a statement? Correct. Everything in this expansion so far has played out exactly as we predicted.

It feels like this expansion was created for a sole purpose: To deal with all the remaining problems on Azeroth. The whole build up of, “The Void is not evil” and “The Light is not good” on Argus has been completely forgotten. It’s like the “mining” part in Mass Effect 2. It’s annoying but you have to do it in order to get the perfect ending.


“At the hour of her Third Death she will usher in our coming!” - she will rise again. We will bring a fight to her and that when night elves will show up. For final kill.

Blizzard saying NE have had their vengence for now was to stop players asking questions and cause some drama. Since this was a “mere setback” scene, they used Jaina and Shandris to spread the word.

Im calling it here, Night Elves will get Azsharas spotlight. Army of the Edgy Elves… I mean, Black Moon.Army of the Black Moon will -
A. Fight against Azshara
B. Be Mind Controled. Protoss Golden Armada style.

Hope its not latter.

(Däkär) #20

If WoW is to have an ending like Mass Effect trilogy then I’d rather pull a plug right now.

But sadly we will get Kerrigan’ed again. What a shame.