Azshara's demise (spoilers)

(Lilura) #21

I don’t get why people think this. She was dead, and he brought her back; of course that’s going to be jarring, suddenly coming back to life. There is no way she’s going to betray him.

(Shadowtwili) #22

I think you underestimate the size of Azshara’s ego.

Also, as a “mere” night elf her power was on par with Kil’jaeden and Archimonde and she easily converted demons from the Burning Legion to her cause.

We also know the Old Gods are but ants before the Titans.

We also know that N’zoth allowed Azshara alot of freedom, like compare how much freedom and sanity Azshara has left to any other servants of the Old Gods who are all rabidly mad, insane attack dogs and N’zoth actually negotiated with Azshara for her service.

The only logical conclusion is that Azshara is so powerful she is a threat to the Old Gods, and might even come close to the power of the weakest Old God (N’zoth).

So who knows what’ll happen.


I wonder if they did it on purpose, to fit this expansion.

Remember MoP, the Sha and all of those negative emotions ?

That’s what we are seeing here.



I wouldn’t give them that much credit. Sometimes a recycled xpac is just a recycled xpac. None of the nuance or groundwork, all of the division and upsets. And then some.

(Tyrandé) #25

Final boss Azshara empowered by the Void?


Boring, but uncontroversial. Which is probably the best option.


What would your reaction be if it was Void-empowered Baine?


Depends, will Baine become more decisive and stronger and braver, like he was during the Heritage armor questline?


Yes, but he still says Taurajo was justified.

(Erevien) #30

Yeah for that reason alone Baine will always be the worst. Stupid bull.


Well, at least you got his gender right…


Bull Fight, go go!


And then youl stap the victor?


There is nothing brave to traitors and alliance lapdogs <3


Come say it to my face in the Siege of Thunder Bluff! Banshee minion!


You earned an instant like from Erevien.


Oh il glady come say that to your face with my swords!
And then after we can have a barbecue a really big one. I think that totem will brun nicely :slight_smile:


I suggest you take your anger out on the Forsaken and Scourge 2.0 supporters, not the people trying to save the Horde. The former appear to have limitless numbers and resources.

(Erevien) #39

Thanks to Val’kyr, anything is possible this day.


Saving the horde? Baine with resucing jaina and giving derek back killed more horde. And he killed soliders aswell.
He aint saving anyone, he isust looking it to make it Alliance yesgroup out of the horde.
Anduin or jaina asks him to stab his eyes out and he’d do it baine.
Baine does nothing to save the horde only to make it blind servants of Alliance.
teldrasil or anything nope doesnt care but derek which couldve killed jaina the greatest threat to horde currently(as tyrande and malf are still in darkshore) and who killed tons of horde and will do it again and is veyr unstable and consatnt changes in personality. Baine did nothing to save horde, jsut to make Alliance better.

He isnt a horde character he is a Alliance character that is anduins and jainas yes cow.
he cares more about jaina and anduin then his own people.

Only character worse then Baine,calia and anduin was me’dan but he was 404’d.

No hate against you as person. But this writing has been beyond horrible and baine has Always been horribly written. And il forver hate it they replaced cairne with him and a worthless piece of beef.