Azshara's demise (spoilers)


Id come to say that in your face anytime of the day cowren.
Bow down before your warchief.

I start to think that taurens took the baine role too seriously and they start to act like forum SJW nelfs.

I dont care, im having fun in the game!

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Well she’s only got one last chance - if she dies, then those last 3 Val’kyr are gone and then she’s back to square one…or “unlife” one, hahaha…am I going to fast for you Erevien?


You are not my Warchief and nor is Sylvanas!

Have fun then.


She is LOL
Now special snowflakes always have a different approach to reality :rofl:


lets face the reality tbh.

if azshara was gonna die, we’d really just complain about something else about it and still remain disappointed on the outcome.


Thats cause theyre not doing a really cohorent story, rule of cool>all for them. and negative critisim isnt allowed(anything negative about their story is toxic whining aperently) older lore or anything who cares.

ANd thats just not written well or even logicly at all.


Youre in the horde, wheter you like or not sylvannas is the warchief thus your warchief aswell.


Actually, they can get rid of their Warchief ala Garrosh if unsuitable for the role. And Baine certainly doesn’t respect or recognise Sylvanas as Warchief by both word and action.

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