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Hi guys!

I’ve recently come back to WoW for patch 8.3. I’m not interested in all the 8.3 features and all so no need for discussion about the patch haha! What I care for is unlocking Voldunai! because: fox.

Now, I lvld a horde to 120 and did some stuff with it in 8.0. Now im 12200/21000 to exalted, any tips for getting exalted asap?? Any help is useful! (maybe there is catch up stuff added in 8.1, 8.2 or 8.3?

Thx all! Can’t wait to play Voldunai

Well you could grab the Darkmoon Faire buff in the couple hours that are left of it. And getting a Contract (AH will have them) for Voldunai will give you an extra 10 reputation for them with -any- BfA WQ you do. Other than that, grab the Voldunai emissary quest when available and make sure to do the faction assaults there when those are around.


Do the vol’dunai assault ( +500 bonus rep with the quest), the emissary, use the vol’dunai contract (+10 rep on any WQ), do the mission table rep missions, do all quests in the zone (should power you up to honored) and … That’s about it. WQ for weeks.



Get contract & do every wq every day ^^

Hey future fox friend, excellent choice! Everything above really. Remember to clear the zone of quests and make sure you do the caches when they pop up. There’s a weekly bonus event which adds an extra 50% to rep gain too I think

Alright - thanks all! Guess I’ll need to be patient too. was hoping there was something to farm really. Have taken the above mentioned steps!

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It’s sadly timegated like most stuff. But if you really throw yourself into it, won’t take too long!

Also, was think… to smooth this up. Any indicitation on how long it will take to get pathfinder part 2 ? like how long does mechagon rep take to revered?

People haven’t mentioned, but you can farm their rep via Island Expeditions, exchanging dubloons for rep tokens that give 250 a pop. Doesn’t work past exalted.


Mechagon took me 12 days of doing everything there with no rep buffs of any kind. It didn’t feel like a chore to me though since the quests are rather quick, easy and it took a while before they started to recycle.

This, also, from what i remember, Mechagon goes much faster with WM ON because you get an extra quest

I got pathfinder part 2 11 days after patch release, although it may take longer as you don’t have the battle for nazjatar nor help for some rares.

If you like fishing there’s a daily fish turn in quest in mechagon and you can get up to 3k rep for both factions with pet battles (do not reset tho)

Welcome back and good luck on your road to getting that Rep! Lots of great tips here! :smiley:


This is the guide from WoWhead

Essentially all the good stuff people have already told you, make sure to do the assaults or emissary in Vol’dun when up, clear daily WQs, buy the rep item from Island Expedition vendor if you have currency etc.

Great that Blizz can comment on a guy coming back to play around with a fox while there’s 1.000’s of people waiting for an answer why their mac clients are freezing up to 30 seconds… I guess Blizz has their priorities straightened out perfectly!

There isn’t much that you can do for voldunai rep except the mentioned WQs, emissaries and pvp assaults.

However you can rep farm with island expeditions. If you do mythic and pull the whole island while two people collect, and then nuke down the whole instance then you can get around 300 rep per hour, a bit more if you’re lucky and get shimmering shells but I wouldn’t count on it.

I did 3k rep like that and I can tell you it’s very boring, though you do get a decent amount of AP in the process.

Thanks all for your lovely and helpful comments! Even got a blue post!

Little update - managed to get exalted the day before yesterday and am currently leveling (my third) shaman, but this time a voldunai! Currently at lvl 77 and enjoying it very much!


Enjoy your new character! Glad the grind didn’t break you :slight_smile: Also, vulpera get the best totems ever.

Not his job.

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