Bad customer service, waiting time on a ticket 8 days?

bad customer service, waiting time on a ticket 8 days ??

when you having an issue and you would like to have it fixed, you go make a ticket and waiting like 3-8 days before answering then you anwser and again you have to wait 3-8 days for the next answer. this is really bad service when we are paying to play a game.

i bought the wrong arena item. im resto druid and i was to fast on the gear i just saw the item had healing on it so i clicked it and took it on then i went for Ah to buy gems and i saw hey thats a wrong chest. so i rushed back to sell it and buy the other chest for healing but i cudten refound it… it says aon your website that you can refound it before 2 hours… and i cant… and now i have to wait 3-8 days before you answer and what about the timer on the gear then ?? so when you finnaly answer its 3-8 days this happend so then why shud you help me then ?? when its so many days ago… i really think you shud make a friendly customer service, when we are paying for a game…


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