Baine Rescue Cinematic

(Keydiam) #1

I think we should open up a new thread for this cinematic to talk about it. What are your impressions? Thoughts?


Looks like warchief is back on the menu boys!


Soooo… Warfront Mulgore, Alliance + Horde Rebels vs Sylvanas Loyalists semi confirmed, i guess? After all, they said there would be a third warfront.


Pff, so much for Jaina finally listening to Daelin.

(Erevien) #5

Good. Let’s go burn Thunder bluff and give Mulgore to the mag’har loyalists. Tauren return to the Barrens until they denounce the name of Baine 3 times and apologize for their treason.


Great. Finally the true Horde members have some land and armies under them. Will be great joining forces with the Alliance to dethrone the false warchief.

How quickly that Horde loyalty is thrown out of the window.


This cinematic makes me noxious. Have those fools learned nothing from Garrosh and Sylvanas? Alliance and Horde working together AGAIN after everything? Jesus Christ no.

Sometimes it feels like only Daelin and maybe Rogers have some sense.

(Sylanna) #8

honestly how could you expect anything else


Thanks I hate all of it.
Cant see any positives from this.
Probably going to end up with the most controversial character in the setting as Warchief.
Saurfang forgiven for his role in the War of Thorns by Jaina and Anduin.
Sylvanas probably dying for a position she detested from the outset.


Would be hilarious if they made a Warfront where Horde rebels and Alliance work together against Sylvanas supporters.

(Erevien) #11

Well Daelin is dead and Roger’s irrelevant for the high command. So if Baine and Anduin want peace. We all will have suck up to it. More mop 2.0 obviousness.


And Tyrande and Malfurion? Do they want peace as well? Of course they don’t, and if they do, they are even more idiotical than I thought. Genocide is not forgiven nor forgotten so easily.

(Erevien) #13

Everyone but the night elves are on team Anduin. You just got a perfect future plot from blizzard to internal alliance conflicts.

(Evenmourn) #14

I’m taking bets. Do you think Tyrande will get to repent her sins and apologize to Saurfang in a proper cinematic or will she be stuck with that janky in-game stuff like was the case with the Night Warrior ritual?


So why exactly am I helping the Horde, again? I just want vengeance for Daelin, is that too much to ask for? Let me kill Horde children, dammit.


Because Jaina is back to her peace loving ways again. I do wonder for how long though.

(Zarao) #17

Wonder what Tyrande thinks of this cinematic.
Or Talanji and Genn for that matter.

Also, totally not MoP 2.0


I mean, the Warbringers cinematic that was so critically acclaimed was meant to convey the idea that Jaina is no longer so peaceful and naive and started listening to Daelin at long last. The very first teaser of Battle for Azeroth starts with Jaina saying her father’s words, that peace is like an ephemeral and unattanaible dream.

When she got over her trauma in the Drust realm, it didn’t mean that she was suddenly pro peace again, it just meant that she no longer blamed herself for all the people she supposedly failed.

And I would rather not hold hands with savages who impale innocent farmers.


So what happened to ‘I’m listening now father’?

(Zarao) #20

She flopped again. All buddies with Thrall once more.

It was about time, had been about a whole year since her last flip. The flop was long overdue.