Baine Rescue Cinematic


Strange ghosts tell Voljin to pick Sylvanas warchief.
Strange ghosts tell spiritwalker that we must rebel against Sylvanas becouse she gonna kill Baine.
Strange ghosts tell tauren to kill another strange ghosts in Mulgore, but Cairne tell us that bad things are actually good.
Strange ghosts tell orcs that they need to go against Dreanei… oh that was in other xpac…
I cant wait for another strange ghosts in BFA, and tears from people who didnt see that coming…

. . .

(Blunderhoof) #186

Strange stuff happening in the Spirit World.
Evil ghosts messing with muh spirit guide, actually trying to kill him.
Evil ghosts Terrorize Bloodhoof village, trying to kill and corrupt Tauren.
Evil Ghosts attack THunder Bluff, we get the ‘supposed leader(we just assumed)’ and engage.
Cairne: ‘’ Lol no wait, we need dis! This is fine, this is muh balance at werk ’

I admit I felt some sympathy for Baine at the end…just a glimmer, poor kid just wanted to talk to his parents…but Nooo…cuz reasons.


World of Warcraft: Most Haunted Edition.

(Uruk) #188

Baine was awesome in this questline. We need more of this Baine. Strong, proud, decisive and aggressive.


Hear Hear! I try to portray him similarly on the forums, with my own spin of course.

Praise Warchief Baine!

(Erevien) #190

Baine is literally none of those things you just described him as.

(Uruk) #191

He was in the heritage quest. So maybe there’s hope for him after all.

(Zarao) #192

Every leader has a list of things to be proud of. Accomplishments or noteworthy feats that often define and validate their role as acting figureheads of their race.

They also usually have a series of characteristics that mark them.

Regarding Baine’s “fixing”, the former is nearly nonexistent when compared to the rest. And the later could be summarised into two adjectives that give room for very little validation or growth in the long run.

Being punctually “aggressive” when fighting some ghosts, doesn’t really help his characterisation that much if the other traits to be highlighted create glaring issues.

Baine needs a lot of fixing. The heritage questline does to little, to late.


My rightful Moo-ness cannot be denied! Blizzard are going out of their way to put Baine in the spotlight as the best of the Horde’.


That’s what they did with Sylvanas as well…

RIP Baine, 2019-2019.

(Zarao) #195

Given the backlash he has recently had, I’m starting to doubt it.
Even if Blizzard doesn’t really bother with the EU feedback, they certainly read the US ones.
And they have certainly not been kind to Baines character.

It could happen, not ruling it out. But I’m starting to think it’s unlikely.

Edit: If they wanted to promote him as a viable alternative, the way they did so seems like a rather poor job. I’d say mainly because of how tied they portrayed him with Jaina and Anduin.


Laughs in Southshore and Blight
Ah yes, the infamous Baine Tauren war-crimes and mass raising.

Fixed it for you!


They already basically said they don’t really care about player feedback about lore anyway. They’re just doing their own thing, regardless of whether other players think it sucks or not.

10 years? I’d give him two expansions, on expansion where he does nothing, and one in which he tries to conquer Kalimdor, Grimtotem-style, after which a rebellion pops up and tries to get rid of him.


Strokes his long antlers

We shall see. We shall see. But I shall laugh even harder every month that he remains Warchief/alive.

(Uruk) #199

I have faith that they will fix him. Baine has the potential, unlikely many other leaders, and I hope that blizzard utilize this potential in time.

The Tauren need a strong leader to be proud of and rally behind.

Did this come too late? I’m not sure. I think it’s a sign of good things to come in my opinion. Either way, its best to stay positive rather than always be negative.


Well at least they’ve yet to do something, for the Tauren race, as epically stupid as ‘‘Tyrande got her vengeance…story is over.’’ Who knows, maybe my long, difficult and griefed Warchief Baine work might yet be rewarded.

(Zarao) #201

I tend to agree on this.
But if the measuring stick to point at improvement is the heritage questline…that’s simply not relevant enough, as it doesn’t address any of the noteworthy flaws his character has been called for.

Grasping at punctual acts of self defence against random bad guy Npcs, doesn’t fix stuff like player perception about him caring more for the Alliance than his own people. Or the passiveness displayed on occasions where his father would’ve acted.

It doesn’t fix the time writers decided it’d be a great portrayal to have him send horn locks to a teenager, and declare the sacking of one of his own settlements as lawful.
Players (and the story), will judge him on the big stuff.
To put it bluntly, nobody really cares that much about how eagerly he fights random throwaway fodder.


Taurajo, I grieve for thee!

Happy now?

(Zarao) #203

For all your trolling regarding the issues other players have with their story, I wonder how would you react if the day Tyrande makes her appearance, she declared that the invasion of Ashenvale, or, to bring a more comparable example, the razing of Silverwing, is but a “valid military target” that Night elves should forget about.

(Not really wondering much, I kind of imagine what your reaction would be).

Anyway, I don’t what to derail. Point is, that I feel like the heritage questline does little to fix player perception and story portrayal regarding Baines character.
Is a nice step. But a tiny (almost imperceptible) one.

(Uruk) #204

And yet the improvement has to start somewhere. As I said, let’s hope this was merely a sign that blizzard are becoming aware of the issue and are working on solving it.