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I dare say these are (mostly) legitimate posts in praise of the best Warchief we ever had/will have! Someone’s got to balance out all the roast beef comments! I already have a Paladin or this char would be one.

Apparently ze night elves forgot about it, because it’s been mentioned what…once in the last 5 years? That being an author that gets regularly maligned in this forum. My reaction? ''Silverwing? That place that virtually all the night elves have said nothing about? Never heard about it! You didn’t hear the elf community complain about Silverwind refuge for x years. ‘’

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If they don’t check for a collision course now, odds are high that they’ll try to placate the backlash later down the line.
As much as Golden tries to promote said values as something positive, people are coming short of gagging at the relation she is building between Baine, Anduin and the Alliance.

If the player outrage is potent enough, that would probably go badly for “Warchief” Baine.
Like it happened with the initial plans they had for Garrosh and how they threw him under the bus simply because people weren’t that willing to adjust their orc perception with Thralls substitute.


This is just not true. The whole “Dojo” metaphor is pointed to the comments without any value and mindless hate. You have to admit, this forums dripping with poison.

Furthermore, they proved that they hear to the forums. Think about outcry on Nath beating up Tyrande? Even just before release of the quest line, some dialog was changed.

Usually at the point when it happened EVERYTHING is set in stone.

While it remained true for the global story(disaster), blizzard tweaked in small scale. More is simply not possible in current stage of the story.

Simply think of Blizzards writers as of normal people they are, people how make wrong decisions from time to time.

Just try to imagine how it hurts to see the work you have done for last two years, you are committed to, you are proud of, is received so bad that people refuse to play it. Then imagine how hard it could be, if the player call you out personally, by name, to be a douchebag because of your creation you are proud of…

And now read the whole Dojo statement again and try to understand how it was meant.


Which was a very minor and trivial change to please some fans.

And remember, they plan the main storylines sometimes years ahead (they said that in their “Q&A” from a while ago). There’s not a lot of room for change if they already have said plans ready. I can try to find the exact quote.

It’s very easy to understand - they are the writers, they believe they should control the story, and they don’t want the fans to constantly meddle with it. But we’ve come to a point in which almost all lore feedback is outright ignored. Yes, HP values were changed and Nathanos and Tyrande say something else, sure, but the overall plot is exactly what fans had feared it to be. Sylvanas’ character is being ruined because Blizzard decided to put her in the spotlight, fans are unhappy with how a new rebellion is rising, and there is some really good feedback about that here as well, among the hate and bile. But even that got ignored.

Yes, I get that a writer wants to just write the story. It’s not fanfic. But you HAVE to act and actively change your writing style if the majority of the fans don’t trust you to write a good and compelling story anymore.

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They are professionals. They get paid for this. If they underperform and despite constant criticism do not improve, then I’m sorry but they deserve the backlash.

If you make a mistake, you try to fix it. You don’t just go on making even more and sometimes worse mistakes.

For example, I am sure they were proud of the WoD story. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a complete bad fan fiction tier trash.


Tyrande got her vengeance for the Night elves :rofl:
(That’s a laugh of despair)

You can’t make this stuff up!

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Even if I still agree with your overall sentiment, there is more nuance to it.

Even if writers indeed should have control over their story, instead of caving in and falling into cheap fan service, they should also be open to criticism.

It’s not as if the complaints that address many of the current issues are unfounded.
Stuff that has people positioning themselves against an unimaginative rehash of a previously disastrous story, or handling characters in a way that it butchers previous characterisation, is something to be acknowledged and considered.

Blizzard is at that point where they are even retconing previous lore to fit with their current plot.

And the above is just about the overall story. Not talking about blatant ignorance displayed with stuff like thinking Worgen have a tail.

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Your posts are so laughably ironic, sometimes :slight_smile:


Whatever you say, Mr. Taurajo-is-the-same-as-Teldrassil.


Consistency and continuity are two values that should always be adhered to. If the person in charge of making sure the writers respect established lore starts saying that it’s not _that_important, then that person is in the wrong position.

Copeland is the face of incompetence, and even stupid enough to make his own position superfluous by claiming stuff like that. Yes, I know that this has been said a hundred times, but there is no reason not to repeat it as long as that guy is still in charge of consistency and continuity.


From our perspective yes. From the money making perspective of upper management/Activision? Nah. He’s doing great.


Puts on Gilnean hat

“Gentlemen, just a daily reminder that - continuity exists to enhance the story, not to tie the hands of creators, now have a lovely discussion”

bows slightly and Vanishes


Speaking of, where is that blue spacegoat anyway?


Haha, who cares about the lore anyway? As long as it justifies Blizzard’s Rule of Cool actions, it’s fine. Remember, we lore-walkers are a minority in the community. Most people don’t even know who Sargeras was before Legion. And some still don’t.


Still unsubbed. :confused:


A mercy then.


In Argus far from this drama, like all the Blue spacegoats in BFA


She was probably traveling back to Azeroth, but crashed the ship agian.


Wonder whos homeworld she will ruin this time :thinking:

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Technically they are…no wait. Taurajo is worse from a writing/ story angle.
But dry those biased tears, if there’ll be one, the Thunder Bluff scenario is likely going to be much much worse.

Just a shame for all off your Baine/ Tauren trolling, you’re not actually comprehending any of it. /shrug


But you said they do not hear fans. It is not much and I do not like how “cheap” it was handled. But still. They got this information. From Forums. The ability you said, they do not have.

You do not need to search it. I know that interview (gameinformer was it, if I remember right). And this is what I told. It is planed years ahead. There is no way to develop stories just in time. So they can not change the plot. It is set in stone. No matter how bad it is received. But they try to change the tone… with emphasis on try… why? Out of fun or because they hear the critics?

Again. They can not change the plot anymore. They can not rewrite the plot. They can not make new cinematic, they can not voice act an other storyline now. FOR THIS ADDON. In this case, the show must go on, no matter how bad it is received.

As for feedback. They could take it in account. But not in this expansion (as much as I hate it). We have to wait for 9.x or 10.x, look back to 8.x and compare to see what lessons they have learned.