Baine Rescue Cinematic


mean with power she has now, she has great diplomancy. forced diplomancy but still.
Like im the avatar of a goddes now and if you dont do what i say il turn you into ash or my husband summosn roots to drag you underground.


But humans are an infestation that has to be removed. How is that crazy?

You’re right, Blizz writers aren’t GRR Martins and I don’t expect them to be. I just want them to keep their promise that it won’t be Garrosh 2.0.


And you know why she won’t be Garrosh 2.0? Because she’s going to die in the final chapter of the War Campaign in 8.2.5. No raid dedicated to her, no War Crimes-esque novel, no time travel. No Garrosh 2.0.

Alright, time to drop the act. That’s wishful thinking. She’s Kerrigan 2.0. Sigh.

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