Baine Rescue Cinematic


I hate it as much as you do but it couldn’t be any more obvious that she’s made peace with the Horde. Again. You know, after the big bad evil scapegoat lady is taken care of.

The only hope now is that Derek goes haywire on someone dear to her.

Save us Derek.


She took her prescribed medications.

(Zarao) #23

On a more serious note, I’ll regret if this translates into Loyalists attacking or punishing the Tauren for Baines actions.
They are not at fault for his decisions.
And certainly not all seem to have the kind of take he has regarding this war (see Lasan).

If Blizzard is as shortsighted as to make the equivalence about Baine=Tauren Lore, that bodes ill for the Tauren story in general.
Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, as we have seen in their heritage questline.
But that said, it’d be quite disappointing.

At this point, HM Tauren have a more defined culture and story base than Mulgore ones.

(Northgrave) #24

Faction pride expansion btw

(Jaremiel) #25

Both factions clinging to this artificial war and (mostly horde) commiting stuff so the Alliance have a villian to fight… how can this be a good thing?
Seriously this entire bull… has been driven on over the years to satisfy the part of the community that loves the faction war, not to have a consistent game world.
Meanwhile within WoW so many things happened that probably would have never allowed things like Teldrassil to happen. After Garrosh no Horde member (or very few) would have blindly followed any Warchiefs orders. Also after Legion soldiers would kinda certainly not have started fighting their allies from the order halls. Whole classes would probably have rejected this fight…

Blizzard needs to make a cut, whipe things “clean” if anyone wants a faction conflict. What we need therefor is merge Alliance and Horde to some degree (even if only alli them) and then create a new faction as the “bad guys”.
Maybe they’ll actually do that and introduce an undead (more savage and cruel) faction under Sylvanas. THEN we could have some wars that maybe would even make sense and also a clear hero / antagonist setting. Right now Horde is always forced to be the baddies, while they keep getting told how they are not.

And yes the “past” happened and crimes happend and hatred exists and so on and so on… but WoW needs to evolve based on happenings and not stagnate in an internal conflict. (Also not saying BfAs lore seems good and logical so far x.x kinda more trying to see some light at the end of this tunnel).

(Araphant) #26

Until next cinematic, of course.

(Blunderhoof) #27

Next cinematic will have to about Saurfang ofcourse. People are not quite getting on track yet!

That’d be royally miauwed then. I’d have to fight my ‘own’ race…although seeing as you may be right in Baine = Tauren…I guess it’d be no loss anymore.


She didnt seem very “peace loving” in the previous cinematic Attacking Dazaralor, who werent exactly Horde yet so she has less of a reason to Hold a grudge.

She just made peace with Thrall and helped Baine.

Dont worry her period is coming again soon. I have a feeling Sylvannas will make sure of that

(Araphant) #29

Now, I don’t know about you, but I need my Saurfang Daily report.


Didn’t she hate thrall for not intervening when garrosh wrecked theramore? what happened to that? Baine helped kill the defenders during tides of war too.

(Araphant) #31

Jaina character development:

1. I am all for Peace.
3. Alliance and Horde can work together!
5. Dismantle the Horde.
6. Love the Horde.
7. Abandon the Alliance.
8. Return to the Alliance.
9. Daelin was right.
10. Thrall, I love you!

Bonus points for:

(Zarao) #32

How are we to have a Totally Not Pandaria 2.0 if Jaina doesn’t throw a hissy Wormtongue speech at the end of it??

(Teknetia) #33

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

Either there is a faction war or there isn’t. You can’t have both in the space of an expansion. There is literally no reason that Jaina should suddenly be trusting the Horde again, even if it’s Horde rebels.

There is no point having the factions at war if 2 patches later they’re working together again.

(Zarao) #34

For some, it’s about how cheesy that entire scene was. How are these people already getting along like this? How many times has Jaina tried to kill me now? How many Horde has she personally killed in the last week? And yes, the other side of that coin is how many Alliance has the Horde killed. A LOT.
Yes, including Saurfang.

Ps: Not my words, but still sum up nicely one of the most contentious issues at hand.


Because unlike you, they actually have perspective and moral standards, and realize Sylvanas is the real threat?

On the complaints that Jaina suddenly went back to loving peace. Did you all forget the whole freeing Derek quest-chain?


I’ve come to the point that I would rather join the Burning Legion or the Old Gods if I get to kill some savages of the herd. Clearly the Alliance is as neutered and pathetic as always.

(Friscie) #37

to eb replaced again next expac and expac after that replacement warchief gets killed by going insane/evil/crazy(pick your fav of 3à

(Friscie) #39

dont forget its aslo totally not a old god expac at all!

(Blunderhoof) #40

(Zarao) #41

Makes one wonder how have we reached a point where writers are developing her character in a way that makes one think whether she is representative of a particularly hormonal pregnant lady, or a moody teenager.

That song makes me lean more towards the second.

God, what an awful expansion lorewise speaking…