Baine Rescue Cinematic

(Friscie) #42

i hope basicly all of bfa gets retconend after its over(not allied races joining though for example) then we could maybe get rastakhan back aswell

(Zarao) #43

8.0 Jaina: Beware of… ME.
8.2 Jaina: Caresses Thrall’s bicep

This kind of sums up how I feel now about this patch. Kudos for the player that pointed it out.


Yeah, if only she had some kind of emotional journey, looking into her past, reflecting on her actions and what brought her to where she is and had an encounter with a Horde member which thaugt her that there is still good in the Horde. This character development comes out of nowhere.

(Tyrniae) #45

Erevien is loyal, Baina,Thrall,Saurefang are betraying the Horde.


So loyal he supports Sylvanas, a person who has betrayed the Horde more often than any living or undead person and wants to out Horde members from their home.


Patch 8.0: “Beware, Beware, the Daughter of the Sea, Beware, Beware… Of Me!

Patch 8.2: “You are so hot Thrall, kiss me.”

10/10 character development, really, I am astonished.

(Tyrniae) #48

Betrayed the Horde, sofar she hasn’t betrayed the Horde if she did she wouldn’t be Warchief and there would be outrage.

Sylvanas is the Warchief of the Horde, Baina and his friends are scums and rebels who try to destroy the Horde.

Not everybody is fan of the: YAY another civil war! Alot who support Sylvanas have also the reason because they are tired of Warchief position chanching every 1 to 2 xpacks.


Do you need me to draw you the fact that Sylvanas betrayed Garrosh?

(Tyrniae) #50

Garrosh who called him self the True Horde and killed members of the Horde, Sylvanas has the people behind her as one cinema said.

But if we go that way, Just like Baina and Saurfang betrayed Garrosh, they are rebels and scum.


The majority does not make it not treacherous. Just because most people hated Garrosh doesn’t change the fact he was still the Warchief, so when Sylvanas joined… What’s it called? Ah, Yes, the Darkspear REBELLION, she betrayed him.

I did not deny that Baine and Saurfang are treacherous scum, quit deflecting.


Let us see:
-Blighted Gilneas against Garrosh’s order.
-Abandoned them during the Legion invasion while Mulgore was being assaulted.
-KIlled the entire Desolate council without investigation or trial.
-Neglected to kill Malfurion as she promised when she had the chance.
-Burned Teldrassil after explictly promising to capture it.
-Sent the Horde fleet to their deaths in Nazjatar.

The reason there has been no outrage is the same reason she suffered no repercussiosn for her war crimes in Gilneas and Lordaeron. She has plot armor.

Sylvanas legit had the chance to ensure Horde supremacy at Teldrassil, and threw it all away in a hissy fit because she could not plan an invasion properly, starting a war she could not win. She is destroying the Horde.

And not everyone is a fan of the “Yay, another Alliance city is destroyed” storyline, but we have to bite the sour apple. At least, Blizzard is willing to screw us all over.

(Araphant) #53

Wow, another Sylvanas debate. Something new and original.

(Tyrniae) #54

It does not matter if Sylvanas joined against Garrosh or not or that Garrosh declared himself as Warchief of the true Horde and not the Horde, In the end what matters is that Sylvanas is Warchief of the Horde and she HAS the people behind her, Baina and his friend go against his own people, The Horde.

Doesn’t mean it’s full out betrayel, just ignoring a order.

? You mean Broken shore?

The result of both party are to blame, The Alliance trying start a movement of Forsaken betraying Sylvanas.

Left it in the hands of Saurfang for plot reasons who ofcourse had a “Me honor me sire!” moment.

Improving a plan, what happend well probaly at almost every plan where you need to improvise on.

?? As far as I’m atleast aware, she isn’t involved with Azshara, but who knows when I play 8.2.

Ow boi, just like alot of other characters.

I can’t answer this one because I have serious no clue how idiotic Blizzard was to decide the force of united Horde races wasn’t able to beat the Night Elves with ease.

Let’s see… Theramore (who was a legit war target after they activly builded a road towards Horde lan.

Then the big tree, that is a bad one. And the Alliance being screwed over, don’t think you have ever followed the Horde story.

But in the end both sides are screwed.


This cinematic is obviously preparing for a time travel addon. Thrall is going back to stop himself from leaving the Horde to Garrosh, thus undoing WoD, Legion and BfA, and greatly changing Cata and MoP.

I totally believe that. Yeah. Totally. Really totally.


Except it matters, if Garrosh was no longer the Warchief of the Horde, why would Vol’jin’s faction be called Darkspear REBELLION instead of Vol’jin’s Horde or Old Horde or just simply Horde?

She also betrayed him when she disregarded his clear directions and unleashed the Blight behind his back.

(Tyrniae) #57

In the end it doesn’t matter what the outcome of this argument is, we are talking about the Horde of today not of the acts of what happend in the past. Currently Baina is betraying the Horde, maybe over a few months we find out in absolute shock that Sylvanas betrayed the Horde or not that crappy plot twist will stop the possible new civil war.


But then, this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and people who do that have no dignity.


She did not “Ignore an order” she falt out did the exact opposite of that order.

No. I mean the whole damn invasion.

So? She still betrayed the people who trusted her, whom she had sworn to lead and protect the people who had taken responsibility for her nation. She killed them indiscriminately.

Cool. Still betrayal.

Ah yes, nothing improves a plan to prevent a war than to start the war you sought to prevent. Great improvisation skills: “How do we demoralize the people of Teldrassil to make occupying Teldrassil easier? We destroy it of course.”

Nathanos literally says the venture was under her orders.

(Tyrniae) #60


What would be the point to argue about two different times, we are talking about the current time of wow not in the past, if we do that then it would be total mess since we could start argue to in the beginning when the Horde started.

(Erevien) #61

I support everyone who isn’t forcing me on Baine because Plot. I even take N’zoth and Yogg-Saron over Baine any day. Baine is my anti thesis until Blizzard gives me an actual reason to like him beyond him trying to make the Horde the b.itch of Anduin/the Alliance.