Baine Rescue Cinematic


Were you not a big fan of him the other day?

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You are lying, you know you are lying and you should feel bad about yourself.


Except you can’t just conveniently ignore the past. If you blame Baine and Saurfang for treason you must also aknowledge that the current Warchief is not much better in that regard.

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So ignorning Garrosh and ordering to blight therefore ignoring Garrosh.

Still no clue, which invasion you’re talking about, didn’t play the Horde in Legion.

As far I’m aware it’s no betrayel but a act to keep the Forsaken together and not let it fall apart because of the evenets. In the end the whole event is tragic.

How is that betrayel, if I say I will clean my room and I didn’t clean it did I betray my familiy, country and my race? No ofcourse not.

The plan: Take down the leadership of the Night elves to destroy Horde.
What happend: The plan failed as Saurfang was to much into his honor mood and resulted in Sylvanas having to make the choice to order to burn down the tree.

It’s as I said improvising on a plan as the plan failed, in the end not even the plan was a 100% garanteed that there would be no war.

So she ordered Nathanos to ship around, unless we will se a cinema or quest she was aware of Azshara being there, but sofar of my knowledge there’s not so no she’s no involved with Azshara.

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As again, it does not matter what happend in the past, currently Sylvanas hasn’t betrayed the Horde because the people have chosen her and follow her.

Baina is betrayed the Horde currently if he didn’t do that then I wouldn’t talk about it.

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For the praising topic and stop the forum from dying? Yes. On any other opportunity? Not a chance. The day Baine stops being the husband of the Alliance leader I might drop my hate/dislike. Not any second sooner.


Then if the past doesn’t matter, how do you know that Sylvanas cares about the Horde? Literally EVERYTHING she has initiated in this expansion ended up somehow harming the Horde, from the Burning of Teldrassil, to capturing Derek and Ashavne, to sending assassins against Thrall.


Yes, which is treason.

The whole massive Legion invasion in Legion. The whole thing. Sylvanas left the Horde, after they had suffered a massive loss, without instituting a proper government, while Mulgore was under assault, which we know from the Earthen Ring, to go to Stormheim and focus on weakening the Valarjar, the enemy of the Legion.

She killed everyone, without investigation or trial. People that were loyal to her were murderer. That is betrayal.

If you think that is a good analogy, you have no idea how any of this works. She was operating under military parameters, and went against an explicit promise and order that she herself was under (which we know seeing as she hunted Malfurion). Not fulfilling her promises to the Horde as Warchief when doing so is possible, is treason.

The plan: Conquer Teldrassil to ward off the Alliance and create conflict between Gilneas and Darnassus to tear apart the Alliance.

What happened: Sylvanas added an unneceassary win condition to kill Malfurion, whom she had admitted could survive the battle prior, decided not to inform Saurfang about this, failed to make a contingency plan in case Malfurion survived, failed to kill Malfurion when she had the chance, gave the task to the only person not aware of the importance of Malfurion’s death, threw a hissy fit, decided she wanted to have her cake and eat it to, giving the order to burn Teldrassil, against her promises and order, without consulting the other Horde leaders.

If that guarantee sinks to 0%, she did not improve the plan.

She gave Nathanos the dagger, told him to follow it, had interacted with Ashvane long before this, Nathanos states his mission is to be completed in the revealed Nazjatar. She sent several Horde ships, soldiers and leaders on a dangerous mission, without any regard for their safety. She betrayed everyone who trusted her enough to go on that mission. She sent Horde soldiers to their death because a dagger told her to. That is treason.

They did not. They were forced to accept her because Vol’jin was tricked.


Hey guys, how big are the chances that the next Warchief will be Thrall and Jaina, leading the Horde because they are different this time?

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to high id say to high.


God forbid they might have him doing something aside declaring his eternal friendship to the Alliance and his undying love to his god and emperor Anduin. He might be in danger of actually being liked by the Horde.


I thought the reason why people hate Baine is the way he is “friendly” with the Alliance, not the fact that he is does it in the first place.


I am more intrested in where does Sylvanas get the troops for an attack against Thunder bluff.

the Tauren will not help here, and neighter the highmountain tauren, maby grimtotem will.
blood elfs seems way to confused on wich side they should be on, so maby some might.
Nightborne specialy Thalryssa seems annoyed whit sylvanas now.
the darkspear tribe, maby some but they are still to few.
zandalari maby becuse they seem lil bit nutz anyways.
forsaken, well how do they get there, they are in zandalar or scattered quite a bit, and almost no ships left, whit nathanos stuck in Nazjatar.
Horde also lost darkshore, this seems to be canon now, meening there is a bunch of night elfs roaming arround also.
so how would she get an army to attack Thunderbluff, and considering Thrall thinks so, meens jaina knows it, what also meens Anduin knows it, so Alliance will be there.
this should not in any terms be possible for Sylvanas to do anymore, unless she has joined N´zoth and attacks whit the Naga and old god minions, what seems to be the case realy, and that is the only way.


Baine is Warchief. Baine is peaceful. Baine is great!

Don’t worry. Tyrande got her vengeance for the night elves. All is forgiven now because the writers said so. (Jesus Christ, even my Winged Eredar romance thing had a 30 year lead up. I’ve seen amateur writers do better than this.)

In 8.3 we might as well be asking who is Tyrande, imho.

Villainous Kul’tiran.

Tidies a stack of bark slabs and coughs loudly

Saurfang is still alive and at large.

My powers of Peace are too much even for the mighty Jaina. Bonus points for being a friend to Anduin.

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I look forward to becoming Thunder Bluff’s first burger flipper.

That is unless I have to ‘play along’ again.

At this stage I just want to inflict the most damage possible on the Alliance and Red Alliance before the Horde ceases to exist.

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id love to join azshara for that screw both horribly written factions


You would love Daha who used to frequent the Roleplaying Forums. The biggest Garrosh orc supporter I’ve ever met and likely ever will.

I wonder how Sin’dorei steak tastes. Pampered and rich from wines? Tauren likely has a bit too much gristle for you.


My thoughts:

First of all: welcome back Thrall, you have been missed.

I am glad to see, I am not the only one depressed, with the current state of the Horde right now.
Thrall, Saurfang and Baine are not happy at all.

Thrall, Saurfang, Jaina and Shaw working together to free Baine.

Thrall thanking Jaina for her help, admiting he failed Cairne, was wrong naming Garrosh as Warchief, the events of Theramore as a mistake.

Thrall, feeling that he did everything wrong, which is exactly what Jaina stated in her nightmare.

His fears, that Sylvanas will do to Thunder Bluff exactly what she did to Teldrassil, shows not even Horde cities are now safe, from her.

This is no longer Horde Vs Alliance.
For the Honourable Horde, they are powerless isolated against the Warchief of the Horde, the leader of the military.
Things are only, not worse because of Anduin, Jaina and Shaw.

Saurfang saying to Jaina:
“Tell your King he is not alone.”
Remembering Anduin told him, he can’t stop Sylvanas, not alone.

I liked the cinematic, I just wish I could say the same thing for the rest of the story of BfA, which I can’t.
I hope I am proved wrong …


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Everything you noted would have been great if not for SoO and MoP’s rebellion storyline. Folks are tired of having to do this same thing again.
Instead of Voljin we have Saurfang instead. Instead of Malkrok (?) we have Nathanos.
I would be surprised if Chen makes a return to defend Thunderbluff just like in the Echo Isles Scenario. In fact I expect Rexxar to take on that part now.

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But wait, I thought that was cool and reasonable?
It’s what Baine 'd do(in fact did, after all what the Alliance did in the Barrens)…but no when it’s Tyrande doing it, well I guess that stings a bit. Doesn’t it.

So anyway…Grimtotem cosmetics upcoming now? If Blizzard’s going to fukc us over anyway, I’ll take it!