Baine Rescue Cinematic


You can be lucky that you aren’t a Zandalari which have to support the invader of his land directly.

(Talraea) #106

For the first time in many a year, I think Thrall speaks for all of us: “What’s different this time?”

I, for one, am tired of the constant cycle. At war, find a bigger enemy, momentary peace, right back to war. Jaina better be right about this. I’m talking to you, devs. Seriously. Enough of the stupid “cycle of hatred” storyline, we’ve had it since Frozen Throne. Just put it out of my misery.

(Araphant) #107

I saved the cow tonight, I have to say the scenario is bleh. If I have to listen to Jaina once more lecturing me about how peace is worth fighting for (happens thrice in the scenario), I will probably burn Boralus down myself.


Just in case you forget it: peace is worth fighting for.


Do not forget, its not about one friend. Saurfang and Baine and Anduin are mates. And Thrall is, you have to agree, a green painted human.

Fact it is: A human spy, a human mage, a green human warrior, and their quote ex-horde sidekick are rescuing a captured SI7 top agent from EvilOfExpansion…

Clearly a human race scenario. *other race scenarios will follow soon.

(Terres) #110

I did not like the cinematic. It’s not an easy thing to play Horde in this expansion.

I never stood behind Sylvanas’ actions, but I utterly detest seeing the Horde and Alliance becoming friends once more. The story has been really bad in BfA so far, but I think one thing that would have made it a bit more exciting would have been to see Thrall and Jaina break up their friendship. Perhaps something along the lines of Jaina not believing that Thrall can save the Horde, and then have the Horde help itself without Alliance backing. After, if he succeeds, Jaina can touch his arm.

(Zarao) #111

Yeah, she was fighting full time for peace during raid time last night.
Her screams about “Die Horde scum” were but manifest love declarations.
That’s just Friendship Talk.


Did you miss the short period of silence followed by"Too soon?" question just after “Die Horde scum!”?

Or simply think of all the things she did not say. :slight_smile:

(Friscie) #113

the scenario doesnt make sense for night elfs(why work with saurfang the one who planned the attack and if he handt chickend out killed malfurion aswell).
Blood elf like why work with jaina the one who did purge of dalaran and also against a sunreaver who is rightfully pissed against jaina for that.

Zandalari work to save a tauren that you dont know much of with help of saurfang and thrall 2orcs youve never met before and work with jaina the one who invaded your city and killed your king.

Or any horde thats pissed about dazaralor for example or any Alliance that doesnt wanna work with the horde.


Let’s hug bro, this war has no mean.


Blizzard all the BFA great words and merchandise go in trash. We were promised conflict between Alliance and Horde and now “not” SoO2 is so near, even if Sylvanas, not going to be raid end boss, this story is bad, no matter who I like, I really dislike Jaina. And will be loyal to everyone, that is versus her.

About cinematic, Jaina cinematic again, nothing new. So people, that don’t want work with alliance, don’t have real alternative, except unsub :slight_smile:


The same goes for people who don’t want to work with Horde members who were fully on board with bloodshed at the beginning of the war.


we are repeating ourselves here, but you are wearing alliance glasses here and you are very biased, on top of a targeted terrible writing of the characters.
If Sylvanas was injured, it was reasonable she didnt finish off Malf and let Garrosh do it. You can blame her for trusting him, but his stupidity caused SO SO SO much misfortune afterwards. He is practically responsible for the burning of the tree.

If you think about it, Sylvanas has managed to “kill” Malf (didn’t happen because … bad writting) and also managed to blight the whole alliance army and high command (sacrificed some horde in the process but it was totally worth it) but …that didn’t happen due to plot-armor Jaina freezing the blight (wow) and then managed to kill most of the alliance high command, which didn’t happen because … jaina amazing teleportation skills.

Then she tried to establish an alliance with Zandalari trolls (and their navy), essentially saving them (we did that part) from a myriad of issues, but the incompetent trolls managed to lose their navy from spies who conveniently bombed all their ships and detonated them with gnomish engineering.
Not only that, but the useless Zandalari managed to lose their king twice - a king who had made a deal with a god and still lost.

She also previously tried to gain immense power and control the Valkyries and the power to raise undead but an annoying dog chased her instead of fighting the legion (…because of great storyline) and ruined her plans.

Sylvanas was there in Legion too, fought the same war and was blamed for betraying the alliance earning a bad name FALSELY because never did alliance care to ask why horde left the battlefield.
So most alliance started to hate her for false reasons and never learned the truth (while you have seen what happened thousands of years ago, they cannot see what happened yesterday or something)


Other thoughts to expect. That attack in Thunder Bluff will never happen and all this new marriage alliance+horde will never been used. I hope Sylvanas at least my faith in her, to focus on alliance, besides all the traitors.

Victory for Sylvanas and death :skull_and_crossbones: for the traitors.


Because of great storyline, Sylvanas was making deals with Death gods and enslaving potential allies against the Legion instead of fighting the Legion.


Katy Perry’s Hot n’ Cold should be Jaina’s theme tune.

(Aerilen) #121

I like how Sylv can actively sell out Lor’themar, Thalyssra (and the PC) to Azshara and people still support her.

(Araphant) #122

Only if I can touch your biceps!


Prove it.

I assume you are talking about Saurfang here. Sylvanas was not too injured to fight, as proven by her shooting Delaryn later on. He is no responsible for burning Teldrassil. That was Sylvanas insane descision and hers alone. Do not pin her failings on Saurfang.

You know what would have been even better? Starting with that and keeping the Horde inside the walls, ensuring the Alliance never even reached Lordaeron. Instead she killed several of her own troops without calling for a retreat. That is a nother betrayal.

Baine and Rokhan did that. Sylvanas only set foot on Zandalar to speak to Nathanos.

Which she did instead of fighting the Legion, and tried weakening one of Azeroth’s defenders and making the Valarjar the enemy of the Horde.

She was the one who left the battlefield suddenly without informing the Alliance. It is her responsibility to tell them, because she broke diplomatic relations first.

The Alliance hated her for all her genocides long before Legion.

(Zarao) #124

It’s certainly heavily hinted that was the case. But is it already a certainty?

She did have Nathanos in that same ship. And he says that the PC is very important for her “Endgame”.