Balakar Khan is a joke

Blizz should do something with this trash boss on tyrannical.

  1. Lightning whirls that spawn every .5 seconds under your feet oneshot.
  2. Static spear (that cannot be avoided by most classes) oneshots if you don’t have defensive (which you will probably not have after insane intermission add phase). I’m dk with 380k hp and still dead 100%->0. Even if you had it for the first spear, you could get the second one and if you don’t have external save, you dead. In pug group without voice coordination more than likely that you won’t have it.
  3. Charge hitbox is insane. As a melee you have to move to range to make sure this doesn’t truck you.
    4*) It’s so frustrating to deplete on this boss, because this is 40 minute dungeon (longest timer among all keys!), and these 40 minutes are the most boring of you life. Mobs % required is ridiculously high, most of the mobs do literally nothing, dragon boss is a dummy with billion hp, same for elemental and ghost centaurs.

Hope this trash dungeon gets deleted from the game and the genius who created it is already fired

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They also take ages to go off, you can even finish casts and step out of them on your next instant without getting zapped.

Healing cds in intermission, keep one defensive for after / call for external. Balakar cannot spear the same person twice in a row unless they’re the only eligible targets alive.

Do agree the hitbox is nasty / awkward, but you can definitely stay within melee range of the boss and not get charged if you’re out to the side and not directly behind him.

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