Balance Druid looking for a 2 day raiding guild


Hey Everyone,

I’m Looking for a new guild to raid with.
Unfortunately my old guild disbanded recently and i really have to scratch that raiding itch. So here i am!

First a little bit about me, I’m a 21 year old dude from the Netherlands with a full time job. to be precise I work at a hotel and work hours can be a bit dodgy so that explains why I can’t raid more than 2 nights a week.

I have multiple raid tiers experience playing my druid (Mainly balance but I’ve raided with each spec at some point), I initially went to play my Mistweaver monk in bfa but after a while I decided to roll back to my Roots as a druid. < pun intended.

My current progress is 7/9 Heroic in BoD
But past experience includes 3/8 M Uldir(Monk), 10/11 M Antorus, 5/9 M Tomb of Sargeras.
Logs from pretty much everything since Tomb of Sargeras can be provided.

Here’s a link to my druid’s profile.

What am i Looking for in a guild.

The main thing is that I really cant raid more than 2 days so that’s the most important thing. Further I’d like to raid in a relaxed environment and have people online outside of raid time to do M+ with or some other stuff.

Add me on Bnet Mortens#21988


If you are willing to raid on Alliance I think our guild would be a great fit for you. We are currently 9/9hc 1/9mythic and about to start proper mythic progression.
The guild is a really relaxed environment, and if you have an alt on Alliance I’d say come over and get a feel of it.

Other than that we raid on Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 till 0:00 Servertime. Oh and our guild mostly consists out of English/Dutch/Swedes/German, I’m Dutch myself.

I’ve already added you, but my bnet ID is Sealed#2123


I added you on Bnet

Unique Equipped on Draenor is a 2 days raiding guild
Raid times are 19:30-21:30 every Wednesday and Thursday
We are currently 8/9 Heroic and 1/9 Mythic. We are looking for ranged DPS to fill the roster so we can move into Mythic progression.

(Bacchanalian) #5

Lást Rites - Late night raid guild - Kazzak++

Lást Rites is not just a guild but a large gaming community. The core members of our WoW community are made up of old school players from top-ranking raid guilds who now just want to kick back and play PVE endgame in a relaxed yet focused atmosphere. We also regularly run mythic + from low to higher key pushing, as well as a few regular PvPers.

We raid on a very family friendly schedule:

Wednesday - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Thursday- 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Tuesday. optional Alt/Nm/Hc - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet

++As of right now our progress is:++

Normal BOD 9/9
Heroic BOD 6/9
Mythic BOD 1/9

Normal Uldir 8/8
Heroic Uldir 8/8
Mythic Uldir 2/8

We are currently filling our roster to progress into mythic, roles needed:

Tank - Closed

Melee - Dk - WW Monk -Rogue

Ranged -Warlock - Shadow Priest - Boomkin - Shammy - Mage

Healer - Resto Shaman- Resto Druid

If accepted into the guild as a raider, your trial period will last 3 weeks (6 raids) so that both you and the guild can feel if we are a good match.

++About Lást Rites:++

We value our gaming community highly if you wish to join us, we have a large community of players who regularly play not just WoW but other games such as Overwatch, Apex, PUBG, CS:CO and most recently Anthem and any other that takes our fancy!

If this sounds interesting to you don’t hesitate to contact us in game or on discord:

ShaunStewart#2220 - Guild Master/Raid Leader/Community Manager.
Ampal0s#2193 - Raid Leader/Council/Community
Windy86#2593 - Recruitment/Council.
Deckhead#2482 - Guild Assist/Recruitment/Council.
Jennie#2115-Maker of Coffees and Tea
Hope to see you in game!.

Kind Regards, Last Rites Team!.


Hello there Guild Master And Owner of Lást Rites Gamming Community here i have sent you a in game request if you able to chat :).


Hi there,

If you’re still actively looking for a guild, and are willing to transfer to Alliance, Call of the Void on Silvermoon [A] are currently looking for more DPS.

We raid Monday/Tuesday, 20:00-23:00 each weel and are at this time, 6/9 HC.

If you wanted any more information or a chat, please feel free to add me in-game @ wilsonnxo#2881.

Many thanks.