Balance Druids 100-150k Starsurge?

So nobody here complaining about the 3x instant cast chaos bolt this spec can throw? I swear a 33% nerf to this spell is absolutely needed


starsurge does 50k-60k dmg on average idk where your 150k is coming from

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Just like chaos bolt sometimes deals 50-60k it also sometimes does 200k. Same goes for starsurge n i´ve also seen 150k instant starsurge crits.

no chaosbolt always crits. Thats the difference. It never really does less than 100k sometimes up to 200k+

So just played a solo shuffle, 64 Starsurges, avg normal dmg - 50k, avg crit - 70k, max normal 90k, max crit also 90k. So I could probably hit around 150k if my strongest Starsurge did crit, but as Bala we don’t get any crit so our base is 5%, and if we keep up the stacks from our PvP talent that is 17%.

Starsurge is nowhere near Chaosbolt and no we do not have 100-150k Starsurges outside our CD + trinket proc + weapon proc + whatever can proc, which is 1 per 50 casts.

only can do this numbers with berserker or saltwater

literally every post about 50 surge is from druid. Clowns

I have also witnessed a 150k surge first hand. Just because you guys can’t pull these numbers off doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

mimimi balance druids op mimimi get over it you are a lock, chaos bolts do i need to say more

Yet it procs constantly and ends the game at a halt when it crits 120-140k, I stopped playing 3v3 because my teammate who is a balance druid kept laughing his way through games globaling people with sharpen blade. I’am not touching soloshuffle and not 3v3 if this meta doesn’t get affected changes.

When I see people defending current boomkin state, I just know it’s max 2.1k exp :joy:

Nobody said it’s no possible. It possible if you have Incarn up, have trinket proc, have weapon proc, have Fae up, and crit with your 10% crit chance. Like I said yeah one in 50 casts it will happen. I had 64 casts and it didn’t happen, but if that 90k Starsurge did crit it would have happened, so yeah it’s possible it just happens once in a blue moon.

Chaos Bolts hit for 200k way more often than Starsurge hits for 150k, so I have no idea why you are complaining about Starsurge :smiley:

Is Chaos Bolt instant like Starsurge? No? Then i can complain as much as i want. Not that i am complaining in the first place, i was just stating some facts. :man_shrugging:

Why is it always 1600 max xp players that come here and post this kind of garbage?


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That is quite low. MM Hunter hit me -400 000 HP with total of two hits yesterday.

“Is Chaos Bolt instant like Starsurge?”
No it ain’t, I never said it was, what I said is Chaos Bolt is more DMG and it happens more often than Starsurge. I just find it funny that the currently best class with the highest DMG, highest burst and highest representation in ladder at +1800 and +2100 is complaining about a class / spec that has half of it’s representation in the ladder at those very same ratings.

“Why is it always 1600 max xp players that come here and post this kind of garbage?”
Mate I just checked your profile, my top rating this season is 50 under yours. You do know that you can easily check my profile? It really ain’t that hard. Is this hard for you? I can sit down with you and teach you if you need. Why is it always keyboard warriors on the forums talking about ratings when they themselves can barely pass the 2000 mark. You don’t have any arguments to back up your point so you try to do these childish personal attacks. Sad that in 2023 we still have 10yo keyboard warriors, I hoped we’d slowly see that decrease, but reading these forums I see PvP is filled with ppl like you.

You Literally have nothing smart to say.

?? :rofl:

On 2.2 balance has an even higher rep than destro, not sure where you get your information from. :joy:

I literally did exactly that. It’s the reason i know you’re 1600 max xp mate.


Trolls everywhere. Keyboard warriors so strong.

A screenshot from a moonkin stream. In 1.1 seconds he did 473.6k damage with just 2 Starsurges and some dot damage. One starsurge landed for 133k the other one for 98.7k. Both proc’d Goldrinn which did 109k and 72.7k.

Normal 3s arena game, 550k + hp enemies.


juicy, dont think i got that lucky yet especially with that goldrin procs thats wild and still doesnt neglect the fact that starsurge does 55-60k dmg on average.

not saying boomy isnt s tier. Boomies are really good right now.

Sure, but the modifiers during burst are insane and starsurge can proc Goldrinn. Moonkins doesn’t only have crazy aoe dmg but also can global someone.

Literally overtuned like all wizards currently, including enha and ret which aren’t melees anymore.