Balance / Feral survivability

“485 boomkin in bear form has less health than a 485 hunter,.,
Constantly being 1 shot by unavoidable mechanics in high m+ while every other class can survive without doing anything special.
Taking way more magic AOE damage in raid than every other class…
You can’t expect us to sit in bear form 24/7… Please do something!” Chickenxd US

I would like to add, blizzard please fix this I don’t want to play your hero class. If you can’t handle it, just stop making them !!

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Can confirm it’s the same in PvP.

Moonkin dies to everything. Barskin is a button that has existed for like what, 15 years?

It’s time Moonkin receives an additional defensive to press. A real button. Something you press and feel safe about it.

Moonkin doesn’t need more frenzy regen, or higher HP. Provide an actual new button for the spec to press in order to not die. It doesn’t have to be an immunity, but still, something useful.

You cannot possibly compare the amount of defensives this spec has to things like Warlock, Mage, Monk, etc. It’s laughable.

Add a new defensive for Moonkins.

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