Balance of healers in Solo Shuffle


I felt like before the last patch that messed everything up with rets being op now, the game was in a good place in terms of balance as far as dps goes.
Whereas on the healer front, it seems like the balance has been absolutely awful during the whole season. At the start of the season Evokers and resto Druids were OP then after what we are gonna call the disc patch, there was 90% disc in shuffle and now with the resto shaman patch there’s 90% resto shamans in shuffle.
How hard is it to balance healers? Do you balance arena games based on regular 3s only? How many people play regular 3s instead of shuffle?


nerf rshaman a bit and remove fistweaver and we have a pretty good healer balance.

dps balance was quite good until rets appear. I personally would nerf ret and add small nerfs to arms/bm/demo and we have a really nice meta.

But i doubt anything like that will happen.


and we go back to disco eh?

They will wait for AWC and balance according to it I think. Resto shaman is good right now because its natural partners are really strong atm which can cover the weaknesses of the spec. When they nerf ret and arms warrior (again) its also an indirect nerf for rshaman. They could nerf healing stream totem a bit and shift more healing power to casted heals. I would welcome this, don’t like it when too much healing is passive. Because if you get good players who constantly destroy totems my healing decreases immediately by a great amount…

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Can someone explain what made Rsham so op?

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Yes >:)

10 chars🙄

they always had one of the best toolkits, then they got massive healing buffs in 10.0.7 while disc got nerfed and rdruid got nerfed.

voila, rsham new meta healer.

how about we let the others have some fun and feel good for a patch or two ? :smiley:

Hpally never had an opportunity to shine in SSQ imo. It was good in AWC to counter Assa, but that’s it. It’s worse version of fistweaving atm imo.

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“OP” is maybe a bit exaggerated. We recieved an overall 8% buff on general healing output and a buff to earth shield but the important factor is the rework of the swirling currents talent which now flat out increases the output of healing stream totem by 20%. This (once again) shifts a lot of healing into passiveness reducing the need to pump spam heals like a healbot. In the field of cooldowns I wouldn’t say we outshine other healers. We don’t have externals like cocoon, pain suppression or BoS which are saving CD’s against burst go’s. Our CD’s all have a drawbacks. Spirit Link requires stacking in a small area which is often not desired since we either expose ourselfes for the health distribution or the other mates need to stand close to each other. Healing Tide gets shut down quickly by players who just destroy it. Ascendance has a long cd and short duration also requires you to be able to pump in the 15 sec duration or it does nothing besides the initial heal. (which isn’t that good unless it crits) Ancestral guidance is the same in that regard. Earthen Wall has a small radius is barely visible and only good versus consistent dmg and mostly DoT’s and pretty bad against hard hits like ret pala’s pressure and burst. So it hasn’t changed that much tbh it’s just that our natural counters like rogues and other setup classes are not that good atm and our natural partners a.k.a. arms, rets are powerful which can cover some of our weaknesses.


More healers class join = less que time for DPS… all shoud have equal chances OP stuff sux whoever is OP

I just hope I don’t get to see fistweavers in 90% of the games.

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Or we just remove this abomination of a sheet show bracket

you could just…not play it…

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Hahaha yea or that

The thing is, in shuffle, below ~2k6 or whatever, people don’t kill totems. Making it super hard for other healers to compete against rshams. They should hotfix rets and rshams its crazy theres like 2 rets per shuffle and 90% rshams qing. How is that fun for anyone?
It’s easily the worst patch since the start of Dragonflight. Everybody is saying it.

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the fact that no one kills totems

earthern wall doesnt have a small radius + you can move it…

To be honest I have a bigger problem with mw doing dps dmg lol

Dont think that stops DDs from running out of it just to fight 1 steps next to it. I once had a rogue in my team where i was genuinely impressed with what exact radius he run so close around my link totem without stepping in. I didnt even get mad, he ran the perfect circle.